problem installing multiple CD games

  ultramagneus 18:58 30 Dec 2004

i recently tried to use my cd-rw drive to install a multiple cd game, but i get a error saying somthing along the lines of "wrong volume in drive D: please insert (name of cd1 of game)"

i tried clicking "try again" "continue" and cancel, and, the message dissapears and reappears a second later, i try doing what it tellls me to and my computer freezes, help!

i have installed multiple cd games, before, but this has started happening recently.

thanks in advance

  slimbo51 19:26 30 Dec 2004

From your comments would appear the comp can't read the CD header tracks.

To prove it easily try opening the disk with Windows Explorer instead of My Computer or Auto Run.

If Explorer can see it and open the files its not the CD.

You could try copying the complete disk to H/Drive or the individual files of the disk, and running each program as a free standing one.

  ultramagneus 19:29 30 Dec 2004

hmm, thats a problem when i right click on my cd drive (thats what you were telling me to do right?)

nothing is in the main pane

what does that mean? lol

  slimbo51 19:35 30 Dec 2004

No thats not what I meant.

Go to start and accessories find the Windows Explorer and open it.

Open the relevant CD Rom your disk is in D,E,F Ect.

See if the program files on that are on the disk show up.

  ultramagneus 19:40 30 Dec 2004

yeah the stuff shows up

  slimbo51 19:44 30 Dec 2004

Good.. Means the comp is reading the CD correctly.

I would try copying the files to a folder on the H/Drive and running the program directly from the drive.

From Explorer just drag and drop the files into your newly created folder and then try running them.

Post back please with results (or not).

  ultramagneus 19:45 30 Dec 2004

the game is pritty new, so has copy protection, will this still work?

and the game does have 4 cds to it, is there any other way to fix the problem?

  slimbo51 19:51 30 Dec 2004


Your are putting the right disk in first are you, and not one of the data disks....?

This will cause the prob you have.

Have you tried all four disks to make sure they are not labeled incorrectly or you just havn't got the boot up disk (Manf mistake).

Please post back.

  ultramagneus 19:54 30 Dec 2004

no i havnt tried all the disks, only disk 1 that has the files setup.exe and autorun.exe on it, so i assumed its the correct disk

i forgot to mension i have had this problem with two games that i brought at completely differnt times, both times during installation using the second disk.

sorry for not giving you this info at first, i honestly forgot.

  slimbo51 20:00 30 Dec 2004

Do you have another CD Rom on you comp to try the disks in, Just in case its CD unit (unlikly though).

Sounds like your disk 1 is the right one with the file names you mentioned.

Another thought as well, does your comp have the required specs to run these games...?

  ultramagneus 20:19 30 Dec 2004

no, i used to have a DVD rom drive (that is still in my comp) but it ceised to function one day and no longer appears under my computer

and yes, my computer matches the min specs on these games

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