Problem installing Logitech Quickcam

  stlucia 21:57 08 Feb 2008

Yesterday I decided to install the Logitech Quickcam that I got a couple of years ago with my BB subscription. It installed okay but, because my PC is a bit long in the tooth (600MHz Athlon, 256Mb memory, Win XP with all updates) I decided to delete the Logitech applications from my Startup list, expecting to be able to activate them from the screen shortcut when I want them.

When I tried to activate the camera from the shortcut, it wouldn't work because drivers were missing. So I uninstalled the whole Logitech shooting-match and tried to reinstall from the CD. The software seems to install fine, and then reboots the PC as it should do. It then asks me to plug the camera in my USB port, and reports that new hardware has been found and is working properly.

But then the Logitech installation software, at the point where it's checking the feed from the camera, reports "This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem. The only active buttons on this error message are 'Switch To' and 'Retry'.

From then on, things go downhill. I don't know what to switch to because, so far as I know, no other applications are running. Retry simply causes the message to repeat. Ctrl-Alt-Del shows me that an application called "Server Busy" is running, but End Task doesn't do stop it. And then, when I manage to close the error message by clicking on the X, the task bar at the bottom of the screen reports something along the lines of "Insufficient bandwidth to run the camera", and invites me to shutdown my BT modem.

If I ignore all of this, and try to activate the camera using the shortcut on the screen, it reports that the camera is already in use by another application.

Sorry about the length of the narrative: Can anyone offer me advice on how to get this camera working, please?

  citadel 22:15 08 Feb 2008

I have installed a older quick cam. I went to the logitech website and downloaded the version of the software for it. i think it had been updated as my cd would not work but the download works ok.

  stlucia 20:14 09 Feb 2008

Thanks, ctadel, I've just installed the latest QuickCam software (v.11.5 compared with 8.1.5 on my installation disk), and it still doesn't work.

Everything seems to go okay, but when it tries to activate the camera I get a message that my USB doesn't have enough bandwidth. If I click on the bubble to connect the problem, it shows me that my BT modem is using 71% and "reserved" is 13%, but my camera needs 18% (total 102%!!). I'm unable to disconnect the "reserved" (whatever that is), and I don't want to disconnect my modem.

So, seems like my PC is simply too old :-(

Unless anyone has any suggestion to reduce the demands on the USB.

  citadel 20:29 09 Feb 2008

as it is a older pc maybe it has usb1 if so you can get a usb2 card and install it in a pci slot, usb 2 is a lot faster.

  stlucia 08:29 10 Feb 2008

Yes, my USB is definately version 1 and up until now I've seen no need to upgrade it. Maybe now's the time. Another advantage will be that I can get a card with more than my current two USB sockets, so my hub won't be so overloaded. Is it as simple as plugging a USB2 card in, or does USB2 not work with some aspect of older PCs? My motherboard is MS-6167 and my processor is Athlon 600MHz.

Further to yesterday's info, this morning after I booted up my PC and got the same message as before, I unplugged my modem from my USB hub, and the camera worked okay. I then plugged the modem back in, and the camera's still working but the modem seems slow. Both are still working right now.

  stlucia 21:10 12 Mar 2008

I've just installed a Belkin USB2 PCI card, and the camera works. I'm ticking this resolved. Thanks for the advice.

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