Problem installing latest Flash Player into XP2

  greybeard 20:34 04 Nov 2008

Message pops up that I haven't got the latest Flash player, so I click on download, then, in due time, install.
At this stage, a bar across the screen says that IE is not letting me instal the software, but this disappears and the download site tells me it has installed successfully.

I then restart IE7, but still have the same problem message.

I've used revo uninstaller to delete all traces of the flash player, rebooted, then downloaded the flash player again, but got no further forward.

In IE Tools/Internet Options/Security/custom level, my settings are all "Disable" with the following relevant exceptions.

Active controls plus plugins...
"Download signed Activex controls" - Prompt
"Run Activex controls and plugins" - Enable

"Activex scripting" - Enable

In Internet Options/Advanced/Security, the line "Allow active content to run in files on My computer" is checked.

In Tools/Manage Add-ons/Enable - Disable, the only entry for Shockwave that appears in all the windows is Flash10a.ocx

Any advice/instructions for a confused silver surfer would be most welcome.

  wee eddie 20:40 04 Nov 2008

That should do the trick

  greybeard 20:46 04 Nov 2008

I've done that wee eddie - it's about half way down my first post

  MAT ALAN 20:54 04 Nov 2008

"Run Activex controls and plugins" - Enable

change enable to prompt, it may help

click here

  Stuartli 20:56 04 Nov 2008

There are two versions of Flash Player, one for Ie and the other for Firefox etc. See:

click here

  greybeard 21:13 04 Nov 2008

MAT ALAN - done that, then went to your link.
Read the page, then went on to the tech note page to download their own uninstaller.
Got a message pop-up "Your current security settings don't allow you to download this file".
Great, that's really helpful :(
Sent polite feedback to the Adobe site, so that may produce something.
Stuart - Hi. I assume that as I am using IE, the download from Adobe would automatically choose the correct version, but you may have a good point.
I've also got Firefox installed, so may try that eventually if all else fails.

  greybeard 22:01 04 Nov 2008

I've just lowered my IE security setting to medium from the custom level.
This has enabled me to download the uninstaller file from adobe.
It will be Wednesday before I can report back but it looks like a little light has appeared in the gloom.

  greybeard 22:06 04 Nov 2008

Well that didn't take long !
Having reduced my security level has allowed the flash player to run anyway, without me taking any other action.
So I'll mark it resolved, even though I'm not clear what the problem really was.
At least if I explore those settings, I know that I can return to the default one.
Thanks for your time.

  Stuartli 23:32 04 Nov 2008

>>the download from Adobe would automatically choose the correct version>>

That is, in fact, normally the case.

Same for McAfee's SiteAdvisor i.e. versions for IE and Firefox etc.

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