Problem installing games

  Star5 10:16 11 Feb 2003

Daughter got 2 new PC cd-rom games for birthday and they won't install -

Harry potter and the philosopher's stone, when I put the cd in a screen comes up to install and setup installshield wizard starts but halfwalf through I get the message (Error extracting support files. A device attached to the system is not functioning). When I tried to install again a new error came up (A required .DLL file, DLL was missing).

Rayman M, when I install this game it starts installing then an error message comes up (Une erreur inconnue s'est produite lors de l'acces a un fichier non nomme). Another missing file here as well?

I am assuming my computer is at fault, the specs not great - OS is ME, 128MB, directx 8.1, 466 processor. Not had problems with games in the past and we have played a lot.

Any help would be appreciated as I do not no where to start looking to resolve this.

Thanks star5

  Terrahawk 10:37 11 Feb 2003

check the back of your game cover this should give you the minimum sysrem specs for your game to run

  bigdamouk 10:46 11 Feb 2003

This could be a problem with ME...i have ME aswell and often get such messages when installing software.......try running scan disk....or something like Norton Win Doctor (if u have it)

  Star5 10:49 11 Feb 2003

Hi Terrahawk

My computer is within the minimum system spec for Harry Potter. Rayman, I have all the minimum spec, although they ask for pentium 11 450 MHz and I have 466MHz. I have played 450MHz on my computer before without any problems.

Thanks star5

  Star5 10:51 11 Feb 2003

Thanks bigdamouk, I do have Norton Win Doctor. I will give these a try.

Thanks star5

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 12:52 11 Feb 2003

try deleting the contents in your TEMP folder....see my thread on the main help room board now.

  Star5 18:31 11 Feb 2003

Hi bigdamouk

I ran both scandisk & norton win doctor but still can't install games. Thanks

SpyMan²°°­­³, Your suggestion sounds good. When I go in to Explorer/Windows/Temp, there is 63.1mb of files and most are very old. I am a bit frightened about deleting these. I normally empty from Disk cleanup but today when I scanned there were none to delete.

I have never deleted temp files from explorer before. Is this the norm and should I delete from Eplorer.

Thanks for your help

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 00:02 12 Feb 2003

If there are any still in use it won't let you delete them. That is why it is called a temp folder.

If you are still worried about deleting can always restore them from the recycle bin. Yes it is the norm...and your best option is to delete them from explorer as you said.

  Star5 10:54 12 Feb 2003

Hi, just an update

I deleted files in Window/temp folder, but no joy. I defragged, no joy. I went in to System properties/performance/file system and under CD-ROM lowered supplement cache size but this did not work. I tried System Properties/Device Manager, double clicked cd-rom and in properties I went to settings and ticked Sync data transfer but this did not work either.

I decided to close all running programs except EXPLORER & SYSTRAY and I right clicked everything in my system tray and closed them all but when I tried to install games the same errors came up as in my first posting.

If there is anything else I could try please let me know.

Thank you everyone, star5

  reaths 14:02 12 Feb 2003

the disks may be damaged .or try restoring windows
os you may have inadvertantly deleted the dll files surprised they are not part of the software
do the games require a 3D card .

  Belatucadrus 14:21 12 Feb 2003

You don't say what dll is required but here is a link to a good page for picking up missing files click here

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