Problem Installing Digital Viewer Microscope

  DHMA 18:21 23 Apr 2009

I have a Dell computer: Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 2 80GHz with 2.79 GHz 512MB of RAM. I use Microsoft Windows XP (Pro) Version 2002, Service Pack 3. Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows Live OneCare. All theses have been updated and I have just upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 (very happy).

Recently I bought a Digital Viewer microscope. I tried installing this using the CD (version 1.0) provided. The viewer was manufactured by Sonic. My computer usually does not recognise the new hardware but I have loaded it successfully and used it perfectly well a few times. Each time I reboot or restart, the viewer is disconnected again and does not show up as one of my imaging devices. I've treid all sorts of things with the USB driver and renewing it and downloading and installing new imaging software all to no avail.

Any ideas on how this can be resolved?

  peter99co 20:37 23 Apr 2009

Does it need to be switched on to be found?

  DHMA 20:42 23 Apr 2009

It does not have a switch at all (a definite design fault!). Once it is plugged into the USB port it is on continuously while the computer is on.

  Seth Haniel 10:03 24 Apr 2009

and I have to run its capture program for it to be switched on.
Then it is available till I close the capture program.

  jack 10:22 24 Apr 2009

Is this the Microscope currently on offer from Maplin----click here

One of my flock recently purchased it and though installed- when activated[shortcut icon] it gives a quick flash of image on screen then goes off- he has yet to discover how to 'switch it on' that is click on the shortcut and the image to stay on screen.
I have said I would go for a look see - but as of yet not got there - so forearmed is forewarned so to speak.

  DHMA 10:58 24 Apr 2009

No - I have a different one called a "Digital Viewer". It is my hardware connection that is the problem - probably my driver (although this has been checked and re-installed). When it does connect, the capture software is absolutely fine. The actual device comes on and goes off with the computer.

  Seth Haniel 14:07 25 Apr 2009

I will have to look (not on my pc at present) but it is one of the programs on the disk that you have to use. Will get back to you

  Seth Haniel 13:05 27 Apr 2009

as an item - selecting this activates it

or from Start Menu- Programs- Microcapture

  DHMA 13:17 27 Apr 2009

I'll try it out later today and report back afterwards.

  DHMA 22:25 27 Apr 2009

Hello again Seth. I tried what you said but this did not work. It is not the software which is the problem. It is connecting the hardware, which (most of the time) Windows does not recognize! My compute simply will not accept my Microscope as a permanent device.

Thanks for trying to help me.

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