Problem with installing and booting up

  ivanh23 23:29 09 Apr 2016

Hi guys. I have problem with my pc. Couple days ago my pc started to boot up very slow so i thought that my windows 7 has viruses and that it need format. So i deleted everything and i reinstalled the windows but when the new windows was i installing it was very slow and finally after 2 hours it finished so i restarted the pc and the problem was not gone it is the same and my pc is quite new and has a good specifications. So i wanted to ask you if you could help me.Thank you very much

  rdave13 23:37 09 Apr 2016

Hard drive problem. Send it back as it is still under warranty.

  ivanh23 23:39 09 Apr 2016

No it is not, should i test it on some other pc and try to fix it with so program ?

  rdave13 00:01 10 Apr 2016

If not under warranty use it as little as you can. Buy another drive and a caddy and clone/image the drive using something as Macrium free and create the CD/DVD/USB Macriun recovery medium as soon as possible. Treat your hard drive as gently as you can. Create an image/clone on an external drive.

If you clone the drive to an usb connected drive then once successful shut down the PC/Laptop. Physically remove original drive and replace with the cloned drive. The drive seems to be corrupt so everything will take a long time to complete. If it doesn't then a new drive and a fresh install is the only answer.

Checking your drive link , but might be too late as the extra stress might finish it off.

  ivanh23 00:08 10 Apr 2016

Thank you so much for the help i will try this

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