Problem installing AVG on Vaio laptop

  Jacqual 23:28 26 May 2010

My new Sony Vaio laptop came with pre-installed Macafee AV which I didn't really want as I already had AVG three computer AV which I run on my old Dell laptop. So when the trial period was over I removed Mcafee from the Vaio and tried to install AVG. I loaded my AVG CD in the tray but no install wizard appeared.If I click on the D drive icon in computer file it just keeps asking me to insert a disc and none of the menu options offer run. It doesn't seem to even recognise that a disc is present (same with a couple of other discs to check all ok). I have easily installed some other software previously by this standard process so I am at a loss as to why this should now be a problem.I don't want to go online with the Vaio until I get the AVG up and running so I would appreciate some advice!

  Ashrich 23:48 26 May 2010

At least for now , how about downloading the AVG executeable to the Dell laptop and either network to the Vaio and transfer it that way , or put it on a memory stick to move across . If the Sony is having trouble with other disks it may well be broken , even new machines can have faults .


  robin_x 23:50 26 May 2010

Bloomin' AVs

Reinstall it.

Download and run Revo Unistaller.


And get rid of Norton.

Consider changing AVG for Avira. I have been using it for two years.

  northumbria61 23:51 26 May 2010

First of all UNINSTALL completely your McAfee AV following these instructions -

click here

Forget about the AVG install disk - Download and install the LATEST file for your AVG from the manufactures website -
ie: AVG HomePage - Support Centre - Download - choose the correct file.

click here

  Sea Urchin 00:27 27 May 2010

Probably easier to run the McAfee removal tool:

click here

  Jacqual 18:13 27 May 2010

Thanks everyone for the great advice as is usual in these forums! After a bit of a struggle I have got AVG 9 onto the Vaio and it all seems to be working ok. I tried getting the AVG download onto a memory stick but the Vaio stated it was a corrupt file. I also copied my installation disc onto a stick - still "corrupt". So finally I downloaded it direct from Grisoft and it finally threw in the towel.So the final problem is the CD/DVD drive which is not being recognised so not yet certain if it needs some software tweak or has actually gone wrong which would be a bit of a coincidence.
Shame really as otherwise I have been impressed with the Vaio so hope this is just a hiccup!

  birdface 18:32 27 May 2010

If still under warranty take it back and get them to fix it.

  Jacqual 14:58 04 Jul 2010

Sorry I should have said the drive turned out to be ok - the problem was in the settings - rather complicated but was fortunately covered in the Vaio user group. So all is well....for the time being.

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