Problem installing another hard drive

  paddyjack 20:07 14 Nov 2004

The current set up is 98 on the primary IDE, and XP on a SATA drive (dual boot). What I want to do is fit another IDE drive temporally (to copy over files to comp for kids/ grandkids) it should be a straightforward process I know. But what is happening is, no matter what IDE channel and slave or master, I get the error message ‘file is corrupt, damaged, or missing HAL.DLL. If I try to boot with just the SATA drive I get NTLDR is missing.

Yes I know I could use CD’s but that defeats the object.

Anyone got any ideas.

Thanks in advance

  stalion 21:25 14 Nov 2004

try this site it covers the problems you have listed click here

  paddyjack 22:08 14 Nov 2004


Tried the repair option to no avail.

The comp works fine except when I fit the other hard disk, I am working on the offending comp.

I suppose that is comps for you.

  john-232317 22:16 14 Nov 2004

click here


  PSF 22:21 14 Nov 2004

click here from Microsoft

  paddyjack 22:40 14 Nov 2004

I suppose really the questions is why should the introduction of a hard disk on a secondary system of the comp prompt this problem. Remove the said HD and all works fine.

The workings of a comp.

  PSF 22:47 14 Nov 2004

When you fit the other hard drive are you setting the jumper to slave.

  paddyjack 23:54 14 Nov 2004

yes, even put it on secondery IDE by itself no difference.

  PSF 00:03 15 Nov 2004

Have you tried using cable select instead

  paddyjack 00:12 15 Nov 2004

will try that later on in the morning off to bed now. Thanks again.

  temp003 06:19 15 Nov 2004

After connecting the extra hdd, did you try to load 98 or XP, or have you tried both?

If you had tried loading 98 and still got error messages, then I don't know why (and you can stop reading this post).

[Certainly the hal.dll error message should not appear if you try to load 98, because 98 doesn't use hal.dll, but I don't know what other error messages, if any, you might have received when trying to load 98.]

If the problem only applied to trying to load XP, then a possible reason (but I'm not sure) is that the addition of an extra hdd may affect the designation of the path to the XP partition in the c:\boot.ini file. Boot.ini is an XP boot file which tells the computer where to look for the XP files to load. But this is only a guess.

Trying to boot with only the XP SATA hdd connected wouldn't work, because in your dual boot situation, all the boot files are still on the 98 C partition. Disconnecting the 98 hdd means there are no boot files at all.

If you have not tried loading 98, you should try it and see if it works.

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