problem installing Adobe Reader 7

  Pamy 12:17 19 Dec 2005

Hello everyone, On trying to install Adobe Reader 7, I get the following error message...
ERROR 1335. The Cabinet file '' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used.

Can anyone please advise me what to do?

Thanks, Pamy

  rmcqua 12:19 19 Dec 2005

Are you installing from a disk or from a download? If from a download, it sounds like the file may have been corrupted during download and I would suggest you try downloading AR7 again.

  Pamy 12:27 19 Dec 2005

thanks rmcqua, It is from a download and I have done it a number of times with the same resultant error message.


  Skyver 12:41 19 Dec 2005

This is Adobe's suggested solution for a similar problem; click here

  octal 12:44 19 Dec 2005

Have a look at this site click here scroll down the page for the accepted answer.

  octal 12:51 19 Dec 2005

If you have trouble with that link of mine, this is the text of it

"Try deleting all your TEMP files. The bad might be there.

The TEMP directory is usually located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp

Also check other temp locations. One of the things Adobe likes to use is their downloader. You may have to uninstall/delete that FIRST before you try a new download. That may also be causing the problem."

  octal 12:53 19 Dec 2005

There one additional comment:

"Forgot to mention: before your next download attempt, be sure to delete all cookies and temporary internet files as well."

  Pamy 12:56 19 Dec 2005

Thanks for info skyver and octal, I will try them out and report back.


  Pamy 13:13 19 Dec 2005

Hello again, did all that, the error this time was 'internal error 2350'

I 1. ran ccleaner
2. ran regseeker
3. turned off AVG
4. downloaded AR7
5. installed
6 message said.. temp file still there, so I clicked on replace
7. message said internal error 2350

Any more seggestions welcomed.


  Skyver 13:27 19 Dec 2005

At the risk of making assumptions, if you're using XP make sure the installer is up to date; click here

If you're using Windows 98 or ME, try click here

  Skyver 13:31 19 Dec 2005

If that doesn't work, using Winrar (click here)
right click the Adobe installation file, and select Extract to decompress the whole lot to a folder, then find a setup program within that folder, Setup.exe or Setup.msi are likely candidates. Try running from there. Alternatively if you can manage without Acrobat specifically get another PDF reader like this one; click here

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