Problem installing 3 dongle to pc??????

  SadieMae 13:01 29 Mar 2010

Hi guys,ive had a 3 network dongle installed on my pc for about 2years and have had no problems at all.I recently bought a laptop and installed the same software onto the laptop which works fine.The problem is now im working away from home i got a 2nd dongle from 3 at the weekend so that my partner and children could use the pc at home to go on the internet.Upon installing the NEW dongle to my pc its gets so far and a message keeps coming up saying "Fatal Error WinApp.exe will terminate"
Ive tried uninstalling flash player 10 and reinstalling flash 9 as ive been told this could be the problem,it didnt work.Ive also tried system restore a few times and still no joy.
Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?????

  gengiscant 13:18 29 Mar 2010

Anything here? click here

  SadieMae 16:21 29 Mar 2010

Im still none the wiser to this problem.
Sorry to be a pain.

  sunnystaines 16:49 29 Mar 2010
  SadieMae 11:33 30 Mar 2010

Ive read through all the comments on various forums and many links but still cant find an answer to my problem,i rang 3 and they just told to uninstall the device and reinstall it.
I said how can i uninstall somet that isnt installing??
All i got back was there must be a problem with my PC????
They havent a clue what there on about.

  ronalddonald 17:46 30 Mar 2010

1. What operating system are you using

2. If its windows xp try reinstalling windows and see if that resolves the problem make sure you back up all your precious files before you reinstall the operating system

3. Check your firewall is blocking the usb modem you can do this before 1 & 2

4. Good luck i hope it works

  SadieMae 12:21 01 Apr 2010

How do i reinstall windows???

  ronalddonald 12:39 01 Apr 2010

you still haven't said what operating system are you using is it windows xp or windows 7.

If you really want to reinstall windows xp follow this guide

click here or

click here

or click here this one i found easy to understand and follow

  tullie 13:44 01 Apr 2010

Bit drastic reinstalling isent it?

  ronalddonald 19:18 01 Apr 2010

tullie how long do wait when you want to use something.

Once a reinstall has taken place, SaidieMae will be able to establish if their is a genuine fault with the 3 dongle and then take the next step of contacting 3 to ask for a replacement, if she took out the insurance.

  ronalddonald 19:20 01 Apr 2010

SadieMae have you downloaded ccleaner from click here and run that and see if that helps run the cleaner and the registry

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