Problem with IE6 or MODEM or SOFTWARE?

  novak 13:55 29 Aug 2003

I have just spent 2 hrs getting to this page from Though I'm using a dial up modem, it used to be reasonable until my brother suggested that I connected to Yahoo messenger for video chats with him. Now my page connection times have gone through the roof. The problem isn't the number of users on my ISP but that my modem is sending back 7000 bytes compared to the 200 bytes it receives. On starting the internet connection, it receives more that it sends (check totals etc) but after a couple of pages the roles are reversed and e.g. 6,000,000 bytes sent, 1,220,000 received. I have cleaned my system using SPYBOT and AD-AWARE and also used AVG. I have also cleared my cookies and history. I am on WINDOWS 2000. Can any one help? Thanks. Vlad.

  harry_b 19:38 29 Aug 2003

connect to the internet using the dialup connection only (control panel, network and dialup connections) then go to start, run and type cmd, press enter and in the window which appears type netstat then press enter, if there are programs accessing the internet they "may" show up here.

  novak 17:11 31 Aug 2003

Hi harry_b,

Thanks for your advice. I did as you said and I was shown the page I was going to along with the STATE of 'established' or 'last_ack' or 'closing' or 'syn_sent'. But no clues as to what to do. I will have to delete the current IE6 and reload it to see if that resets anything. Only I cannot delete IE6, even as an administrator, I can only switch it off. I need some more help. please. Thanks.

  harry_b 19:50 31 Aug 2003

Your problem may not be related to ie6, have you tried connecting other programs such as e-mail/peer to peer or ftp and monitoring the sent and recieved count?, you may have a bad connection, what is the kbps rate?, have you checked the modems settings?, or have you used an internet connection tweaking tool at some point?

  novak 15:30 04 Sep 2003

Before I could answer any of your questions, in the morning I found my computer was up and running but waiting for me to accept an update to the AVG program, which I did. On completing the update, it ran a check and found 6 virus-affected files which it healed. My internet in now very quick at downloading, 1000 bytes down, 20 bytes up. Hooray. Thanks for all your efforts. Only thing is, clicking on a link in e-mail does not work. It just hangs. I have to copy the shortcut and past it in the internet page address block manually. Any ideas? Thanks.

  harry_b 19:34 04 Sep 2003

Try this which i found on a web site.

click here

Start Internet Explorer
Select Tools / Internet Options
Click on Programs tab
Make sure that Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser is enabled
Click Reset Web Settings.

Click Start / Run / regsvr32 urlmon.dll

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