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Problem with IE 7

  Daisy22 16:08 03 Jan 2007

My friend has just received the message to update to IE 7. She has tried to do this, all seems to install ok, but when she clicks on her internet icon to launch IE she gets what is like a blank web page, and when she types into www. etc. the computer jams.

I've done a system restore for her and taken it back to before installing IE7, and it works fine. However, after I tried to install IE7 the same thing happened.

What's the answer please?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:17 03 Jan 2007

Stick with FireFox!

Hope I don't seem flippant but if IE6 and FireFox both work ok, I don't see any advantage in upgrading to IE7.

  namtas 16:20 03 Jan 2007

The answer, on my systems was to remove it and go back to IE6, IE7 caused problems for me with mails and appeared to slow internet access on one of my PC's. After checking I find that their can be problems, one solution was to with Zone alarm, it had to be removed and reinstalled after installing IE&

  SB23 16:21 03 Jan 2007

I'm with Diodorus Siculus on this one.
I wasn't going to try it, then changed my mind, then wished I hadn't. I'm back with IE6 and happy! lol.

  namtas 16:22 03 Jan 2007

Typo "IE7"

  Daisy22 16:50 03 Jan 2007

IE 6 is working fine since I restored so she wants to stick with IE6, but how do you stop the automatic update thingy telling you you've got updates to install? Is there a way to permanently stop IE7, but keep getting all the other automatic updates?

Thanks for help

  Diodorus Siculus 17:04 03 Jan 2007

Keep IE7 from Coming Back
There is a simple, though somwewhat unintuitive, way of saying "no" to IE7 in Windows XP's Automatic Updates and making that preference permanent. These steps can also be easily adapted for use with Windows Update and Microsoft Update (in those setting, remember to always choose Custom and click on all options to reveal details). These instructions assume that IE7 is not already on your computer. If it is on your computer, you must uninstall it first. Here are the steps:

1. Change the Automatic Updates Control Panel setting to "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them." From now on, you will need to closely monitor every update that Microsoft wants to install on your computer. You will also have to pay attention to available security updates and ensure that you initiate their installation. Once you have permanently blocked IE7, you could go back and make Automoatic Updates more automatic, if you choose. But the time is past, I think, when all of us will be comfortable allowing Microsoft to choose every update for us.

2. Wait for the yellow shield icon to appear in your system tray that signifies updates are available.

3. Click the yellow icon and, if prompted, choose the "Custom Install" option, which will bring up the "Choose updates to download" dialog.

4. Look through the entire list of available updates for an entry that contains "Internet Explorer 7" or similar. As with WGA, this entry is usually the very last item, often found in a long list of other updates. Remove the check mark beside this IE7 entry and click Close. (If there are other security updates waiting to install too, leave their check marks in place; they will install.)

5. A moment or two after you click Close, another box will open labeled Hide Update. Add a check mark beside "Don't notify me about these updates again." That should do it.

Hopefully I've offered a strategy that will help you deal with it while enjoying the browser you prefer.

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