Problem with IBM (Hatachi) Hard Drive

  wobblymike 10:24 23 Sep 2005

I have an elderly but perfectly serviceable mobo which will only read HDD up to 32MB. I have used both Maxtor and Seagate HDD with this mobo and have used both maxblast and Seagate Disc master to format the drives and allow the use of their full capacity. (This is done by the use of DDO (Dynamic Disc Overlay)). My problem is I have a 40GB IBM drive which I sought to do the same with - however IBM do not appear to do its own version of disc master any more. I have tried maxblast and Seagate disc wizard (by connecting up a maxtor or seagate drive as slave) which will format and partition no problem but will not install the disc overlay. My conclusion, unless anyone knows different, is that I need the IBM version of disc master. Any thoughts welcome.

  interzone55 11:32 23 Sep 2005

There should be a jumper on the back of the drive (between the power & IDE connectors) to set it to 32MB cap. The details of which jumper to use will either be on the top of the drive or on the back by the jumpers.

  wobblymike 11:53 23 Sep 2005

alan14 Thanks, I guess I didn't explain properly, I have set the capacity clip jumper to limit the drive to 32 GB so as to allow the BIOS to see it. Installation of the DDO should then allow the fukll capacity to be used - it does using Seagate Disc wizard with a Seagate Drive and also using maxblast with a maxtor drive but I cannot do it with the IBM drive.

  interzone55 15:10 23 Sep 2005

Sorry, I misunderstood.

I wasn't aware that the rest of the drive was usable when the capacity jumper was in place.

  wobblymike 19:44 23 Sep 2005

same problem - evening shift any ideas

  woodchip 19:50 23 Sep 2005

Looks like you are trying to run on shoe laces. May be time to dig deep comps are very cheep now

  woodchip 19:55 23 Sep 2005

I am all for repairing and making things last, but ther comes a time. That there is no place else to go

  wobblymike 19:56 23 Sep 2005

woodchip thanks for the psychoanalysis - it's a technical challenge - simply that - there has to be a way to do this and I would like to find it

  pipedream 20:22 23 Sep 2005

I can't vouch for this site, but you could try click here - I had a look around as I'm amazed at the ridiculous comment on the Hitachi website that "XP & 2000 don't need Disk Manager anymore" - of course they do if the BIOS can't recognise the full capacity, which is nothing to do with the version of Windows anyway. Thanks for the warning as I often fit new drives to older PCs and will make sure I steer clear of Hitachi.

  wobblymike 21:54 23 Sep 2005

pipedream I agree totally with you - thanks for your help that site was indeed the disk manager programme but it was the old one for pre Nt OS. so no good for me - anyone else any thoughts on where I can find the IBM disc manager.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:03 23 Sep 2005

Change the predefined capacity of the drive. This option can be used in situations where there is a BIOS limitation and the drive is not recognized. See the PDF Users Guide for specific details.

From the Hitchi / IBM site click here

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