Problem with hw4200 workstation and x300se gpu? Please help me

  onlybestfiles 08:30 06 Nov 2014

One men in store brought down hw4200 workstation PC,it has 512mb of ram,intel cpu I think 2.8ghz,and x300se. When I started it it worked for about 2 minutes then the screen went black and then blue,and it said SOMETHING like"pc shut down to prevent mistakes.if this was first time restart your pc and if this keep happening try to fix ati2dvag driver" I restarted it,unistalled ati2dvag,installed drivers again,and in that process screen shut down sometimes,and come back after few seconds or minutes. Still,when I start pc now,sometimes it is very slow,for example when I want to open my computer or something,sometimes it won't react for 20 seconds or more,and sometimes it open it in less then second. Also there are artifact(color is chaning,)mostly near start button. What I can do here? please help me

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