Problem with HP 2D 8000 notebook.

  24bitkid 17:19 19 Apr 2006

Need to reinstall an image located on an external usb2.0 drive using true image 8.0.

True image does not see the external USB drive when rebooting into the DOS based program with Acronis loader, therefore cannot load image.

I suspect usb ports are not switched on for DOS based programs but I cannot see any option to switch them on.

Any ideas.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 19 Apr 2006

BIOS Settings

Common BIOS Problems

Many USB Problems are the result of improper settings in the BIOS. To achieve proper USB connectivity the BIOS needs to be a properly working partner.

Enable USB in the BIOS

USB is often disabled by Default in the BIOS. To enable USB in the BIOS one or more of the following statements must be true.

USB Keyboard - DOS or Enabled (Even if you have NO USB Keyboard)

Legacy USB Support - Enabled


Assign IRQ for USB - Enabled (Some combinations of OS and BIOS version require this setting to be Disabled).

BIOS settings Effecting USB

BIOS settings that effect the operation of Universal Serial Bus are shown optimized for USB. The most common BIOS settings that effect USB performance are:



Reset the FSB to Default

Aggressive memory settings (Turbo/Fast)


Reset to Normal or Default

Lack of usable IRQs


Com1 and Com2 can be disabled if not used, allowing the OS to use these IRQs for other devices.

Plug and Play OS – Disabled

* Older Win9x (Socket 7 based) systems may require this option to be Enabled to allow Windows controlled IRQ Steering to operate correctly. Toggle ON or OFF as your system requires.

IRQs Assigned – Auto

Power Management – Disabled

* The Operating System should control Power Management.

ACPI - Disabled

* ACPI enabled in the BIOS is the source of many USB problems. If you are having problems with USB, ACPI should be disabled. Unfortunately, simply resetting the switch in the BIOS may not be enough. Normally, a reinstall of the operating system will be necessary. Remember to backup your data before you reinstall the OS. I recommend a clean install to a newly formatted hard drive.
o Clean Install Guide
o Win2000 Common Problems

USB Keyboard – Enabled or DOS

Assign IRQ for USB – This setting varies by motherboard type. The “rule of thumb” is, Enabled for Win2000 and Disabled for Win9X. Try both settings if you are having problems

  24bitkid 19:34 19 Apr 2006

Thanks, but HP told me that the USB ports cannot be enabled outside Windows.

Sorted it. Created new partition and copied the image file to the new location.

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