Problem with Hover Buttons in Frontpage

  Palma 00:45 17 Sep 2004

Building website, dozens of pages. Using Hover Buttons for hyperlinks to other pages. This problem happened twice now...... in Frontpage normal view the buttons are the HTML view the coding is there..go to view in browser and they do not show. After first time this happened I deleted then re-entered all required links and all was well. Next time I came to work on the site...they had once more disappeared but again only in the browser. Help??

  Taran 17:40 17 Sep 2004

It's been ages since I used FrontPage hover buttons but if memory serves you may have to install a recent Java Runtime into your web browser to view them.

FrontPage hover buttons are actually tiny Java applications. Java has been an important part of the web browser world for ages now, but all browsers interact with Java differently and some of them are better than others at certain things. Older versions of Netscape would crash quite badly when viewing FrontPage hover buttons.

And again, if memory serves, the FrontPage hover buttons used to rely on FrontPage Server Extensions on your web server to work correctly. I'm going way, way back here, into the dim and distant reaches of my murky past (FrontPage 98) but you may have to publish the page to get things working properly.

Hover buttons require that the file be saved and viewed in a web browser to work. You should also be advised that FrontPage hover buttons will not display for computers with Windows XP SP2 installed. Instead, there will be no link at all with the following browser message:

"To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options..."

It might help to know your version of Windows and FrontPage.

I'll be in front of several computers in the morning with various versions of FrontPage installed, so if nobody manages to solve this one for you I'll look back in on it again over the weekend.

  Forum Editor 18:30 17 Sep 2004

you should be able to see the hover buttons in the browser preview option, although they won't work until you use Ctrl+click. This should be the case, even on a machine with WinXP SP2 installed, and if it isn't happening we need to track the cause.

Which version of FrontPage are we talking about, and have you test-published the site to a server yet?

  Palma 20:43 17 Sep 2004

Many thanks to all replies with help.
Sad to say....still on Frontpage 98. Tried today to get Frontpage 2003..not in stock..need to try the net. Windows version is XP Home Edition. However when I first put the hover buttons with links into the pages..they all worked fine. It's just that they disappeared without being touched at all????

  Forum Editor 23:41 17 Sep 2004

but I'm still wondering if you've tried publishing the site to a server with the FP extensions installed?

  Simon_P 01:57 18 Sep 2004

click here full version VERY GOOD PRICE

click here Upgrade (Dont know if 98 will upgrage to 2003 version?)

I must admit that I had a similar problem with hover buttons on FP 2000 and they would sometimes work and sometimes not using a site with FP server extensions, unfortunately it seemed to resolve itself so I can’t help with that.

As I don’t know your level of knowledge but a possible workaround could be to use cascading style sheets (CSS) with mouse over buttons, I think however you will need at least 2002 version for that.

  Charence 13:03 18 Sep 2004

FP makes two files. They're usually named fphover.class and fphoverx.class.

In FP 02, the buttons can be seen in Normal and HTML, but not in PREVIEW. (this is normal)

For the buttons to appear, you must view them in your Web Browser. Java must also be installed (click here).

If you have installed SP2 for XP, then it is likely that the pop-up blocker will block Java because it is Active Content. The hover button will not display unless you enable Active Content from your PC to be displayed.

If you upload the files to a server with FP extensions, Java will not be blocked by pop-up blocker and the hover buttons should display properly. Make sure you upload the 2 .class files as well!


  Forum Editor 14:59 18 Sep 2004

and all the files will automatically be published - you don't have to remember to publish anything. As I said earlier, you should be able to see the buttons in the browser preview, regardless of whether you have SP2 installed - they just won't work. I'm talking about the 'File/preview in browser' option, which is different to the FP preview option.

As I understand it, you can't see them, so something is wrong. The button images should display, although they won't be active until/unless they're on a server with the FP extensions operating.

You can run a Personal Web Server on your own machine, plus the FP extensions (which are free), and then you can preview the site exactly as it will appear on the internet.

  Palma 00:11 19 Sep 2004

Many thanks everyone. Right enough I'm not as clever as I would like to be with this. I'm working my way through the suggestions and will come back if needed. Well done!

  Simon_P 02:03 19 Sep 2004

In FP 2000 and 2002 (never used 98) hover buttons show in edit view but not in preview, but they do show and work if you display in browser locally.

I have made a simple 2 page web to try this; I have not got FP server extensions on my machine.
I don’t think you need the extensions for hover buttons to work locally.

However they don’t display with XP SP2 until you disable the active content security feature, popup stopper (the cream coloured bar at top of browser)

Hope this helps a little

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