problem with hard disc

  kickboxer1 20:34 18 Aug 2009

Hi, please could some body help me, i have a Toshiba satellite p200-1jv laptop model no:pspb6e-18f028en, now on the hard disc vista(c)where my programmes and music, movies and so on are stored it states there is 93.1gb of storage space, well the other day it popped up and told me the disc space is nearly full ???? and only about 135mb of space left, so i went in and removed some old stuff that i no longer use, music, movies and some programmes and so on, it then showed after this i freed up about 7gb, anyway the next day it showed up as nearly full again ???? i clicked my computer then double clicked the hard disc it showed several folders each storing variuos things when i totaled up the amount of space these folders and stored programmes were using it worked out at about 23gb, now by my reckoning 23gb deducted from 93gb should leave me 70gb free space but it's now showing about 500mb ??? i've done a defrag and disc clean up plus compress disc space when part way through this it showed about 7.4gb free and as the process went on it showed about 6gb free aaaagh, so is there any one that can shead a some light on what is happening ??? please.
Thanks in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:14 18 Aug 2009

This will show what is taking up all the space on your drive

click here

  woodchip 21:30 18 Aug 2009

I would say you have a Virus

  kickboxer1 22:22 18 Aug 2009

right then just started a full scan of everything to see what it finds, also tried the link that fruit bat supplied wow, i tried it out and it's to complex for me lol a bit dim when it comes to tech stuff so did'nt realy help me much, thankyou you anyway fruit bat, i'll wait to see if my scan finds anything then go from there i guess, any more suggestions would be good though

  woodchip 23:43 18 Aug 2009

You could also try a online scan if yours does not find here

  kickboxer1 19:36 19 Aug 2009

just downloaded a software to registry pc cleaner after i installed it and ran a full scan with it it fond about 896 problems before i clicked the fix tab i thought i'd check the disc space and for some strange reason it said there was about 24 gig free space wich is what it was normally at a while ago anyway i clicked fix and it fixed everything and up to now the disc space is still looking good so don't know what happened, thing is last night i tried to take a rar file containing a movie in it from a disc and it was showing the dvd disc was nearly full wich was right but it would'nt let me take the file from the disc, when i double clicked it it opened a page wich just said drag files to it, normally it would automaticly open the disc showing the movie files and then i'd select wich one i wanted and then un rar it, i put this down to everything that was wrong last night, anyway tonight after the pc fix was done i converted and burnt a movie to a dvd disc when it was done i tried to play the dvd but it was'nt showing anything on the disc, when i double clicked it a window opened saying i don't have sufficiant rights or something to that effect, i tried the dvd in my sons lap top and the movie is there on the dvd disc and it played with no problem, so one problem fixed (i think) and another one pops up, any suggestions ?????
Again thanks for your advise.

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