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Problem with Gmail display in Thunderbird

  thumbscrew 21:44 21 Feb 2017

In last Sunday's Observer there was an article about Gmail, explaining the many things that it includes.Confusingly for me, the screen, layout and controls were completely different from my version of Gmail.....which I thought was the only version! I have Gmail running through Thunderbird and I'm wondering if this is the reason it looks completely different. Although my emails work perfectly and always have, can anyone tell me why mine is so different?

  difarn 22:23 21 Feb 2017

Have you tried logging onto Gmail via the website rather than accessing it via Thunderbird? You will see that the layouts are totally different. I collect mine via Thunderbird.

  thumbscrew 10:11 22 Feb 2017

Thank you difarn, and is your layout different through Thunderbird too?

  difarn 10:18 22 Feb 2017

Yes. All of my e-mail addresses perform differently in Thunderbird than the way they do when I log in via the websites. That is the nature of using an e-mail client.

  thumbscrew 10:54 22 Feb 2017

Thank you difarn, that appears to have solved it.

  difarn 14:51 22 Feb 2017

You're welcome.

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