Problem getting into Incredimail - Please HELP!

  Saziegirl 15:06 29 May 2009

I've had IM for years and never had a problem with it. Recently, my computer crashed, and I had to do a recovery. I was getting several little errors but, through all of this, IM worked. I had a very difficult time getting service pack 3 to download but, after I did, when I clicked on IM and entered password, I got this: "Critical error has occured. Incredimail can not continue this session". Nothing else, just that. I found some advice online to do a repair and to reinstall and neither worked although I'm not getting that message anymore - now it won't open at all. And yes, I've rebooted several times. If I uninstall and then reinstall IM, will I lose all of my e-mails?

Any help would be much appreciated!

  Saziegirl 16:26 29 May 2009

tell me if completely uninstalling IM would delete all of my emails or not, that would help!

  PO79 16:29 29 May 2009

Have you tried downloading the latest version and doing an inplace upgrade, this will not delete your emails.

An uninstall eill probably remove all your emails, accounts, and settings, but not your licenses if you choose the option not to during uninstall.

  PO79 16:30 29 May 2009

even will, oh for an edit facility.

  Saziegirl 16:39 29 May 2009

I downloaded and installed (without uninstalling anything) the program from the IM site which didn't work. I did read somewhere on here to download the program from CNet. I'll have to wait until I get home to try that although I don't get what the difference would be. Does anyone here understand?


  PO79 16:43 29 May 2009

Personally I always update IM from the IM site, as you are sure to get the latest official version

click here

for infromation on how to completely uninstall IM.

  Saziegirl 16:46 29 May 2009

I hate to completely uninstall because I'll lose all my e-mails but thanks anyway.

  PO79 16:52 29 May 2009

Can you get into Incredimail at all? If so, this is from CNet:

had the same problem with incredimail, i went into tools, accounts, properties and then servers and all i did was retype incoming and outgoing because they had changed into upper case and lower case, restarted my pc and everything worked fine

Even if it looks the same as before, retype it again. HTH

  Saziegirl 16:58 29 May 2009

No, I can't get in at all. I click on the icon or go into the program files and click on the application for IM and nothing happens. No error message, nothing. Thanks though!

  Saziegirl 17:01 29 May 2009

Oh, forgot, my messenger "dog" that tells me I have an e-mail shows up - if that means anything.

  kalstras 17:47 29 May 2009

why do you even use that awful programme?

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