Problem with games locking up

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:10 12 Jul 2003

Hi,when i play games any game i can start them up and play then for different amounts of time then they just lock up for no reason and i get white noise out of the speakers loud hissing sounds i checked all the drivers and direct x but cant find a problem im stumped i have to reset pc to get it to unlock which is a pain.

  ordep 10:37 12 Jul 2003

Need more info. What games in particular, and system spec's.

Before you do anything, run through this check list, click here so as to eliminate potential probs.

  citadel 12:35 12 Jul 2003

If problems occur in all games it could be the graphics card is on its way out.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:24 12 Jul 2003

System specs,Win 98se,Geforce 2 mx 400,pci 128 sound,athlon 1800xp 256 ram direct x 8.1.
Its all my games ,streck armade2,zoo tycoon,imperiun galactica, the list goes on lol.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:32 13 Jul 2003

anyone got a clue?

  Totally-braindead 12:16 13 Jul 2003

I'm a gamer on my PC, its all I do really boring as it may be and I've had lots of problems with games locking up and its always been caused by one of 3 things. Faulty memory, that one took a long time to track down, the game would work for a while then the system just locked up. I would say that is the more unlikely fault. The other 2 problems are Direct X and graphics card related. Run Dxdiag and see if it comes up with anything, try reinstalling DirectX 8.1 or install DirectX 9 and see if that makes a difference. Finally delete and reinstall your graphics card driver and check the website of the card manufacturer for any updates. Also check the websites of the games you are trying to run, see if there is a patch you can download and if there is any known problems with the game with particular graphics cards. The last item is probably the most likely, you should see some of the lists of graphics cards not supported by certain games. The worst I think I've seen is James Bond Nightfire the cards it wouldn't run with is about 2 pages long. Good luck.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:15 13 Jul 2003

Hi Totally-braindead,i have updated what i can driver wise,ive reinstalled direct x done the diagnostic and every thing passes even reinstalled all the games have checked about running games on my card and they all say it should work a treat got what patches i could and installed them.Dont know about the memory error how wold i check that? pc works fine on every thing else just locks up on games wouldnt mind if it was just 1 but it all of them and in dirrefent places,even when im online gaming it does it witch is a real pain,when it locks the pic stays on screen and the sound just goes on hissing sounds mostly tried playing with no sound and it still does it lol,im not sure what else i can check lol.

  BabyOp 17:09 13 Jul 2003

 ÑÌÇKÑÂMË as silly as it sounds it could be a problem with heat. I sold my friend a system and it was working perfectly fine until he replaced the graphics card with a Geforce 3 TI500. As this ran hotter than the card that was in the system his PC would hit the 60 degree mark quicker and the PC would just restart. Check out the CPU temp in the BIOS after a crash and just leave it running in the BIOS and see what it gets up too. You could just increase the shutdown temp in the BIOS or replace heatsink & fan or add more system fans.

I ran my friends with the side off and it ran fine as the inside of the case was not so hot.

  citadel 17:54 13 Jul 2003

As the card only locks up when its put under pressure it could be faulty. You could borrow a working card and if it plays games ok, you will know the pc is alright.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:46 14 Jul 2003

Think i may have found the problem "touch wood" i took pc apart and fan on G/card was blocked up with dust and stuff co cleaned it all out ,psu fan as well and it seems to have cured it for now
as you said BabyOp must have been heat that was the cause the card was getting to hot and locking up the psu reaches 52 degrees in bios i think that about right for 1800xp chip? just had a new fan and heat sink fitted so think that part ok
will try it for a bit see what happens,thanks for the help.Will leave thread open a bit just in case


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