problem with gamepad

  square eyes 20:22 17 Sep 2003

Hi & thanks for reading this,

i have a Saitek rumble pad which is no longer working correctly. I have just moved house and am concerned there is internal damage to the pc as i cant work out why its doing this.

I have tried to re-install the software using the cd and when the add new hardware wizard appears it tries to find the software for an "unknown device" when the cd is in the drive!

I look at device manager and find under "other device" two "unknown devices" with a yellow question mark. I have just had the gamepad replaced and have tried using my printer to see if there was a problem with USB but works fine.

The gamepad does communicate as the pressing of buttons has an affect but profile manager is non-existant.

Please help, thx

  square eyes 20:48 17 Sep 2003

p.s. There is a light on the controller usualy which isn't on anymore

  Jester2K II 20:54 17 Sep 2003

Checked for loose cards & Cables etc???

Delete these items "other device" two "unknown devices"

Reboot with the gamepad plugged in and the driver CD inthe drive.

  square eyes 19:11 19 Sep 2003

After a long road to recovering my pc, (something i hope i dont have to do for a while) im still with the same situation. I have added NO software or hardware recently but still have no light on the controller and no profile launcher. The controller isn't functioning properly. This has happened before but for the life of me i can't remember the remedie.

After visiting windows update i discovered it reccomended DX9 although i already have it installed. There was networking errors on the DXDIAG also, so i am re-intalling it via windows update.

I visited the Saitek website and in the FAQ section there was the same dilema but they refered to W98SE only and a fix but not for XP.

Im being very careful now not to do anything hastily as that will probably out me back to an unhappy XP.

Im sure there is a simple explanation

Please any1?!?!?

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