problem game

  podlod 08:49 07 Nov 2005

Hi, Could someone try and solve this problem as I have never experienced it before in all the games I have played. When I start to download this certain game only, (Medieval Total war)a box appears and says "Epson scanner cannot be started, try troubleshoot blah blah, and when i press trouble shoot my Epson scanner troubleshoot appears which I dont need as it works perfect!So I cannot download this CD.Please someone help me in this predicament?

  PaulB2005 08:50 07 Nov 2005

When you say "Download" do you mean downlaod from another site or install the game from a CD?

  andylfc2 09:17 07 Nov 2005

i am using xp and dont know how to find out my driver version..

  PaulB2005 09:32 07 Nov 2005

andylfc2 - please start a new thread for a new problem.

Right click the desktop, Propeties, Settings, Advanced, click the tab for your card and you should find the info there.

  podlod 14:34 07 Nov 2005

Sorry Paul, Download from a CD.

  ACOLYTE 14:41 07 Nov 2005

Stop the epsom status monitor before you install the game?

  podlod 17:11 08 Nov 2005

Hi Acolyte, Tried to stop the status monitor but it does not show you how, that is if you can as I have looked everywhere?

  ACOLYTE 17:41 08 Nov 2005

Ok,there should be and entry in start all programs called epsom printers highlight this and goto uninstall epsom printer software,when the box pops up click the utility tab and untick the epsom status monitor let it do its thing,you may need to restart the pc,after that install the game then,reinstall the status monitor.

  podlod 07:48 09 Nov 2005

Hi Acolyte, I had to eventualy uninstall the complete Epson CX6600, and even after that the cd game still said the same, and would not download of the CD?? never had this problem before, now what?

  Skyver 08:02 09 Nov 2005

Just an idea, but it occurs to me that you may have a faulty file association, which is assigned to the epson scanner software. Give your machine's registry a clear out with CCleaner click here (click the Issues button for registry clean up) and make sure you backup the .reg file.

  podlod 11:12 10 Nov 2005

Hi Skyver, I have done what you advized and tried Ccleaner, found some faults and repaired them, but tried to download game again and still the same box saying Epson scan cannot be started!
Where do I go from here? Any more ideas somebody please!!

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