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  murgle 21:25 01 Apr 2004


Could somebody please help me. I have a game called virtual Sailor which uses DirectX. I used to play the game without any problems on my old PC running on Windows 98, but since upgrading to a fast machine running on Windows XP Pro, I have been experiencing some major problems.

I am experiencing the following problems in order of occurance:

1. Computer freezing completely requirng manual reset.
2. The computer resets itself.
3. The game just shuts down.
4. The sea does not roll smothly but jumps.

The maximum time I have been able to play the game is 15 minutes before one of the above occurs. Sometimes a game might last just 2 minutes.

I think the problem may be to do with software installed on my PC and not a problem with drivers, as the game was one of the first programs I installed, and I remember playing it for hours without any problems. I have many applications on my PC, could one of them be causing the problems. If so what type of applications could cause these problems.

I am going to give as much information about my PC as possible:

Computer - Multivision Vision Ionix 930
Processor - AMD Athlon 2800+ 333FSB
Memory - 2 x 512MB PC2700 DDR Ram (1024 MB)
Motherboard - MSI Nforce 2
Hard drives - 2 x 120GB 7,200 RPM
CD/DVD Writer - NEC 1100A
Graphics - 128MB ATI Radeon 9500
Sound - AC 97 Sound
Monitor - 19" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930
Operating system - Windows XP Pro

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance.

So it worked ok before a certain bit of software was installed?

  fuzzyone 21:36 01 Apr 2004

have you upgraded to directx 9.b

  murgle 21:40 01 Apr 2004

I never noticed any changes after any specific sofware was installed. It could have been any number of programs during the re installation of all my software.

What type of software could cause such problems? I could try un installing them and see how the game reacts.

  murgle 21:43 01 Apr 2004

Yes, I have directx 9.b

  citadel 21:57 01 Apr 2004

uninstall then re-install sometimes works with games. After uninstall, from system tools run disk clean up then defragment, then re-install.

  murgle 22:13 01 Apr 2004

Already been there ßéLâ. I've even asked the game developer about this problem, he cant help either.

  gudgulf 22:18 01 Apr 2004

Are your graphics drivers up to date?

  gudgulf 22:18 01 Apr 2004

Are your graphics drivers up to date?

  murgle 22:22 01 Apr 2004

It worked before with same drivers

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:32 01 Apr 2004

Have you tried running the game in 98 compatability mode?the game may not be fully compatable with xp.


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