Problem With FrontPage Forms

  tbh72 11:38 08 May 2003

Ok, so this is probably going to get a little deep. I have never used forms before & have sufficed with "Click here with the following information".

I stumbled across the following piece of html & am getting hooked on forms, however I am just not getting the results I expect.

form method="post" enctype="text/plain" action="mailto:an email address"

It seem's to work fine on my setup IE & OE, with the exception of the following warnings, You are about to send email via IE Do you wish to continue. & OE is trying to send Mail via the internet do you wish to continue.

It there a specific way to ensure users of my form's dont get these warnings & more importantly that the form send from there computers / systems

  Taran 12:04 08 May 2003

The problem is you are asking a browser to post the details of the form fields using an email action, so its only fair that the browser takes it into its head to warn people that they are emailing etc,...

A couple of ways around this spring to mind. One is to check out your site host for CGI scipts for feedback/email forms. The CGI script (Common Gateway Interface) sits on the web server in your site folder and processes email/feedback forms without giving your page visitors the warnings you are getting above.

Alternative methods using FrontPage are available. If you right click on the form in Normal view and select Form Properties from the drop down list of options, you can have your forms submitted to a database (FrontPage creates it for you but you need to have MS Access and ASP support on your web host for this to work) or you can choose to dump the form submissions into a text file held on your web server and just get it when you want it. When you have the Form Properties windows open, click on the options button for lots of choices.

I'd suggest you take a look at anything your web host offers for CGI scripting. Most good hosts have pre-prepared CGI scripts for you to use along with full instructions on how to implement them and they can be very, very efficient.

Finally, check out the help files and tutorials in FrontPage for forms. They're well worth reading.

click here and click here for email form tutorials using FrontPage.



  tbh72 12:13 08 May 2003

Thanks Taran, I was being a chicken & trying to avoid looking at CGI. The site is currently on Freeserve, but I can quite easily move it to my paid for host for CGI scripting, I also believe they have a few CGI example forms which I can d/l & modify..... Just a little nervy about CGI.

I will look at the CGI option, if I can't achieve the result I want then I will consider the retreavible TXT file option.

Thanks Again

  Taran 12:46 08 May 2003

Take a good look at the FrontPage email response before venturing into CGI if it worries you that much.

CGI is as hard as you want to make it, since most hosts (even the free ones) have the scripts all prepared, although their forms are sometimes a little limited compared to the results you can generate using FrontPage. It's usually a simple copy and paste exercise, followed by some minor page formatting when using a hosts CGI.

Anyway, FrontPage can generate everything you need for email response forms without the added headaches of wrestling with CGI.

Try opening up FrontPage, click on File, New -> Page, double click on Feedback Form from the available choices (I'm assuming you are using FP2000 here - 2002 aka XP is slightly different). Right click on the form on the new page that pops up, select Form Properties, and finally click Options. Click on the email results tab and give it the relevant details to deliver the text file to an address of your choice. Choose any file format options you may want (CSV, plain text and so on) as well as the message subject line and what have you. Save and publish the page to your host and test it out.

If people know just how competent FrontPage was, they might have a lot more time for it instead of condemning it outright in favour of other heavyweights.

If you get stuck, you know where to come for help.

Good luck !


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