Problem with frontpage creating a form

  erkmatrix 15:05 11 Mar 2005

Hi I've managed to design the frontpage form to how I want it only I'm trying to use dropdown links to make the form look neater and I can add what I want only when I click ok it says the controls name is not a valid indentifier for scripting languages any script that frontpage generates may not work properly, change the controls name so it starts with a letter.

Please can anyone tell me what this means and will it effect my form when uploaded and people try to use it.


  megat193 21:28 11 Mar 2005

I suspect that you have named a field/s with a description that suits you but not Front Page. If you right-click each field and choose 'Form Field Properties' check the value in the 'Name' box. This should start with a letter and, if more than one word, should not have any spaces between them - use an underscore to join words up, i.e. Visitor_URL.

  pmorff 03:07 09 Apr 2005

If you look at the field properties there should be the description. If you have a space between any words this could be the problem.
Replace any space with a underscore.

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