problem with frames page

  SumKindaMonster 21:29 29 Mar 2004

I have built my website using frames click here

i know that nobody lieks frames but i chose to use them anyway.

the problem i am having is the fact that on the links page when i click the images it opens up the website inside my site.

How ould i make it so the site opens a new window?

  PurplePenny 23:42 29 Mar 2004

Can't help you with the problem but ..... I much preferred the old site (when you were Soul of Black). Like the name better now but not the site, the old one had a distinct style to it - this new one is a bit ....bland. I can understand that maybe you wanted to get away from the Goth feel of the last one but it was very eye-catching.

BTW - I notice that you are now describing the band as heavy metal. From the clips that I listened to on your old site I'd describe you as thrash metal.


  PurplePenny 23:44 29 Mar 2004

I don't mean that I dislike the new site - just that I liked the old one better.

  Taran 00:02 30 Mar 2004

You need to add a small target="_blank" instruction into the hyperlinks, like this:

a href="URL" target="_blank">
Link Text or Image</a>

That will open a new browser window which I think is what you are after. Note that I missed out the opening < to stop the code turning into a blue 'click here' link.

You can also use JavaScript to control the new browser window, like this:'url to open','window name','attribute1,attribute2')

The URL to open is obviously the page adddress, the window name is what appears in the title bar and the attributes can include height, width, position on the screen and all kinds of other things. I prefer to use this with a form button, which would be coded like this:


<input type="button" value="New Window!" onClick="'http: // URL/pagename.htm','mywindow','width=400,height=200,toolbar=yes,


For what it's worth, I agree with Penny. The site had a certain something last time around and while this current site is good, the last one really grabbed you.

Hope this helps.


  SumKindaMonster 07:33 30 Mar 2004

i was actually thinking the same thing i may switch the sites back Plus this one is a little harder to maintain 17:33 17 Apr 2004

i have changed my site design once again and i was wondering what i would use to make a link open ina new window as the nav that im using are images what should i put as the hyperlink to make a new window open when clicked?

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