Problem with folders in XP

  Demora 21:01 06 Nov 2003


9 days ago I posted that I had a problem with my folders resizing themselves whenever I came back to the PC. NOT ONE REPLY. was this the PROBLEM that no-one knows the answer to. Now this is driving me up the wall and I really hate a great white background everytime I open a folder and only a few icons in said folder. I want them small. I know I can change the background colour. Not what I'm bothered with.

Am I to believe that not one of you can help. Has Microsoft come up with the untweakable G> ?



  powerless 21:05 06 Nov 2003

Errr click here ?

  [DELETED] 03:00 07 Nov 2003

Suggestions previously posted are correct, but Windows can be very fickle.

Check this, but no promise that it applies to your case, or that it will work.

Click Start, Run, type:


and press Enter.

Navigate on the left to HKEY Current User\ Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ ShellNoRoam

Expand ShellNoRoam and see if there are the keys under ShellNoRoam called BagMRU and Bags

If you don't have those keys, you can stop reading this post. Another unhelpful post.

If you do have those keys, highlight ShellNoRoam, then on the top left, click registry, select Export Registry File. You'll be prompted to save it. Save it to a location you can remember.

Then back in regedit, right click the key "BagMRU" and select delete. Confirm the deletion. Delete the "Bags" key as well. Exit regedit. Restart computer.

After restart, you will have to reset all your individual Folder View preferences, one by one.

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