Problem with floppy drive

  Migwell 22:15 16 Jul 2004

Have taken the guts out of my computer M/board drives etc. not power supply and built it all into a lovely new case with a 400w supply. Used the same floppy drive and cable but no response .Only thought was using the wrong plug on the floppy ribbon, changer it to the other one still the same. Can any one recap the right way round for the cable and power plug on the back please.

Thanx Migwell

  pipedream 22:31 16 Jul 2004

There's a picture click here - the red strip on the ribbon cable should be next to the power cable.

  Dorsai 22:36 16 Jul 2004

Yes, the red lined wire should go next to the power plug, on the drive (generally speaking), and at the other end the red wire should go to pin one (check out the motherboard manual to find out which is pin 1). the power plug normally only goes in one way round only. stops errors. Pity the makers cant do this for the ribbon cable too.

  Djohn 00:23 17 Jul 2004

Also if you look at the ribbon cable for the floppy it divides into 2 sections at the drive end, (last inch and a half of cable) one is wider than the other. You want the wide section nearest to you as you look at the rear of the drive.

  hillybilly 00:40 17 Jul 2004

The red stripe on your ribbon cable must go on to Pin1, should you put it on reverse "red stripe to pin34" when you start up you would find that your green light on the front of FDD would not go out. If you get the power socket on in any fashion other then right it would probably smoke!
So from what you describe I would suggest you might just have a dead Fdd for no particular reason.

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