Problem fitting new dvd drive in a Dell

  lixdexik 17:48 01 Jan 2007

A friend of mine needs to replace the DVD drive in his Dell desk top PC. We have removed one side cover but can't fathom how to remove any other covers or panels to access the mounting screws in the side of the existing drive.

Has anybody dismantled a Dell machine before and been able to get it back together? If so, what is the secret, as nothing seems obvious.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  ed-0 17:50 01 Jan 2007

dell optical drives are usually fitted into a removable caddy. What model number is the dell desktop?

  ed-0 17:51 01 Jan 2007

sorry that should read " a removable plastic cage" lol

  ed-0 17:59 01 Jan 2007

If you input the type and model number here click here

You will get the manuals to strip the case down, replace drives, etc for your mates model. On most Dells you have to take the front panel off the case to either remove the retaining screws or lever the plastic holding lugs.

  lixdexik 17:59 01 Jan 2007

Not sure about the model No, I will have to get back to you on that. but I will look at the caddy side of things and see if it will come out.

Cheers Lixdexik.

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