problem with firewire

  mmfa 17:35 02 May 2007

My pc won't recognise my camcorder when connected via firewire to download video. Works fine when connected via usb to download pictures.

I recently changed my video card.

Is there anyway to check the firewire ports?

I have tested the cable which works fine.

  wrg 17:46 02 May 2007

I have the same problem with mine. I have a feeling it is because when I loaded the software it only has the software element for USB drivers. I do know that my firewire port works so it may be a software issue.

  Woolwell 18:34 02 May 2007

Think that we need more info. Which OS, what software are you using and camcorder?

  mmfa 18:39 02 May 2007

thanks for responding both.

windows xp sp2
ulead videostudio 8
canon mvx 250i

the camcorder is just not being detected...

  Woolwell 18:47 02 May 2007

Have you tried through Windows Movie Maker to see if that detects your camcorder?

  mmfa 18:49 02 May 2007

I have. Nothing.

The firewire ports are showing in device manager, they just don't seem to work...

  Woolwell 18:59 02 May 2007

If the firewire is ok in device manager - I'm stuck. Over to someone else.

  mmfa 08:10 03 May 2007

thanks for your help!

Anyone else have any thoughts??

  jack 08:48 03 May 2007

Go to camera makers website and check latest version of the drivers and/or makers tech support room.

  Technotiger 08:58 03 May 2007

Hi, the following is from another forum where very many people are having exactly the same problem, this 'solution' was right at the end of the thread in that forum ...

Re: camcorder not recognized through firewire
hi there.

i was using my dv camcorder up till i installed winxp sp2, then my firewire went down.
this was a common problem with 75% of all dv camcorders being used with sp2, all firewire drivers got disabled by sp2 and the best fix was to simply reformat your pc with fresh install with new sp2 installed.
the original problem arose only when people already had sp1, then installed sp2 and sp2 drivers caused a conflict with the sp1 firewire drivers.
some experts came up with so-called fixes, but in most cases they never worked, and microsoft knew about the problem but wouldnt aknowledge it till they got a lot of preasure put on them to make a fix.
i just reformated and installed sp2 and my firewire was fine, so if u ever have a problem again, remember just reformat, its easier than messing about looking at other options, in most cases its nearly always going to be a driver problem or a microsoft issue rather than hardware/software related.
i spent 6 weeks trying to fix this mess, if i had known that it was a driver conflick between sp1 and sp2, i would have reformatted at the start.

anyway, just wanted to let u know what most of the problems were caused by.

  mmfa 09:16 03 May 2007

many many thanks, will try that and report back!

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