Problem with file

  Ritchbee 22:20 29 Jul 2003

A file has attached itself to my hard drive which I cannot seem to get rid off.

My firewall has block it but after I remove it it keeeps on coming back.

I've also tried to get rid of it by going into 'my computer' but it gives me the following message.

"Cannot delete: Access is denied ".

"Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use".

Any ideas how this can be got rid of it ?.

The file has a .exe extension.


  ade.h 22:35 29 Jul 2003

Can you tell us what OS and AV you're using, and what the file is called. Try an internet search for the file's name, especially on or a similar AV support site. Is the file associated with a program you have installed or un-installed?

  Brian-336451 22:38 29 Jul 2003

Make a note of the where the file is and its exact name then start in safe mode and delete it from the 'Run' command.

eg Del c:\temp\file.exe (wherever, whatever the file is called.

  Ritchbee 22:43 29 Jul 2003

I'm using Zonealarm and the Norton anti virus now.

My OS is Windows XP.

File is C:cpclient.exe

It must be from something that I installed or let in in error.

I am new to all of this !!.

  VoG II 22:56 29 Jul 2003

Try Ad-aware click here and spybot click here

  ade.h 23:21 31 Jul 2003

Ritchbee - I've searched the net for cpclient.exe and the only reference to it I can find is on click here which is about internet cafe software (?!) Don't know if this is any help to you.

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