Problem with Excel recently used file list

  Nosmas 01:22 08 Sep 2003

My system is running W98 and Office 97 (Professional) and I have Sygate Personal Firewall and up-to-date AVG running.

Quite suddenly Excel is failing to update the Recently Used Files list that is displayed when the File menu button is pressed. Having opened a file (that was not in the list), amended it and closed and saved it, I noticed that its name was not included in the list when I next clicked the File menu button. I clicked on menu Tools -> Options -> General Tab and changed the number of files to be held in the list from 7 to 8. I then opened another file, amended it and closed and saved it but still the file name was not added to the list.

I then went to the General Tab and un-checked the box that allows the display of the list, and of course no list appeared when the File menu button was pressed. I then opened another file, re-checked the box on the General Tab, and amended closed and saved the file. Clicking the File menu button revealed that the recently used list was still not displayed and this has remained the position even though I have opened and closed two or three more files. Can someone please advise me if there are any other settings that can affect the display and updating of that file list?

In order to make this post I had to re-connect to the Internet, as my connection was broken when re-booting in an effort to solve the above problem. Immediately I connected, Sygate issued the following message: - "Microsoft Excel is trying to broadcast an ICMP Type 10 (Router Solicitation) packet to []. Do you want to allow this program access to the network?"

Is this just coincidence or is it connected with my problem? A Backtrace on the IP, using Arin Whois, results in the IP being for an organisation called Internet Assigned Numbers Authority with a postal address in Marina del Rey California. I fail to understand why Excel should be trying to make contact (which I refused to allow) with this IP. Can anyone please shed some light on this?

  Megatyte 02:01 08 Sep 2003

Can't remember if it's available on Office 97, but run setup from the Office CD and there could be a repair option. Don't know about Excel trying to phone out.


  Megatyte 02:05 08 Sep 2003
  Nosmas 09:22 08 Sep 2003

Many thanks for your prompt response and link to IANA. Haven't read all the linked pages, but although the page your link goes to states that an organisation called ICANN has taken over the functions of IANA, the first link under "Read more ..." goes to an IANA page that was updated as recently as 31/07/03.

I am still very puzzled why Excel was attempting to link to IANA. Does anyone else have any ideas about this and / or my main problem of the disappeared list of recently used files?

  VoG II 10:03 08 Sep 2003

Does click here apply?

or click here

  Nosmas 10:28 08 Sep 2003

Thanks for both links. Have quickly read the first one from which it appears my problem could be caused by installation of MS Excel Virus Search add-in, BUT I haven't installed this software!! Confirmed by negative result of search for 'xlscan.xla'. Looks as though I will need to study the idea of using their suggested VBA macro.

Re the second link, I have very often opened a file from Windows Explorer, and the file list has been added to / updated, so don't understand why this method of opening should suddenly cause this problem. As MS have acknowledged this is a problem, what are the chances of their providing a "fix" in the foreseeable future?

  VoG II 10:32 08 Sep 2003

Chance of a fix for Excel 97?- Zilch.

  Nosmas 10:37 08 Sep 2003

Not surprised!! Do you have any thoughts re Excel trying to connect to the IANA site?

  VoG II 10:39 08 Sep 2003

Why Excel 97 would be trying to access the IANA site is a complete mystery to me, I'm afraid.

  Nosmas 13:58 08 Sep 2003

Having looked closer at your first link (given above), I note that in the "More Information" part of the page it states that the virus only affects workbooks created in Excel v5.0.,although at the head of the page it states the article refers to Excel 97. I believe that the components of Office 97 are all v8.0 so I shouldn't be affected in any case, even if the virus managed to get into my system.

My XLStart folder is located in C;\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office (which is a different path to that given in the article), but the only file in it is Mscreate.dir which is an empty file and hasn't been modified since the software was installed in December 1998. A search has failed to find a file called Personal.xls. Please can you advise where and how I should place the macro code shown in the article?

  Megatyte 14:09 08 Sep 2003

Have you installed any eliminator software, such as HistoryKill?


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