Problem with Epson printer

  Tim 22:34 14 Feb 2011

I have just put a complete new set of compatible ink cartridges in my Epson DX8400 printer.

The printer recognised the cartridges OK. However I was having very bad problems with black printing so I ran several cleaning and printing cycles in an effort to clean the printer nozzles. After several cleaning cycles the printer suddenly said that it could not recognise the cyan, magenta or yellow cartridges (occurred during a cleaning cycle). I have tried reseating the cartridges and also switching on and off the printer but all to no avail.

Is it possible that the printer could have corrupted the chip in the ink cartridges. I suppose that I could try another set of cartridges, but I don't want to waste them.

Have you any suggestions?

  Audio~~Chip 23:22 14 Feb 2011

Avoid running the Cleaning utility as this will use your ink up very quick.
Second: Its bad practice to take out then put back and remove and replace the same carts as this lets air into the cart and mucks up the sync of the Cart with the printer.

Firstly can you tell me/us where you got your carts from.

  spuds 00:53 15 Feb 2011

Epson printers can be rather temperamental. I would suggest that you contact the supplier of the cartridges for advice.

You might find a possible solution with this link click here

  Tim 09:02 15 Feb 2011

The cartidges were manufactured by Peach and I got them from click here

Also you say that I should avoid running the Cleaning Utility. How else do I clean clogged up nozzles? How many cleaning cycles would it take to empty a cartridge?

  woodchip 09:09 15 Feb 2011

Best way, Uninstall from Add Remove Programs then check printer folder for Printer right click and delete if its still there, do a search for Epson, delete what it finds. Do the same in Regedit by Typing in the RUN Box REGEDIT press enter then click on the computer icon on the left, now go to Edit in menu then Find, Type Epson press enter delete what it finds press bF3 then it will search for next, do this until its cleared the Registry. Next shut down, after restart Load Epson CD with printer switched of or not plugged in when the setup starts looking for printer switch on or plug in and switch on

  SparkyJack 09:24 15 Feb 2011

Try this
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  Tim 11:26 15 Feb 2011

Why are you suggesting that I should remove and then reinstall the Epson drivers etc?

What is the benefit of doing this?

  woodchip 11:55 15 Feb 2011

From your Post above "printer suddenly said that it could not recognize the cyan, magenta or yellow cartridges (occurred during a cleaning cycle). I have tried reseating the cartridges and also switching on and off the printer but all to no avail."
The Info is written to the Driver about the above or into the Software in one of the files or Regedit. Clearing Uninstalling should remove this Message so you can click the OKAY when it prompts you next time about using them

  Tim 12:20 15 Feb 2011

Does this also reset the printer, because the "Cannot recognise cartridges" message is on the printer display?

I can switch both computer and printer off and then the printer back on (without the computer) and the message is still there and I cannot get past it.

Note that it is a scanner printer so it can be used without a computer for photocopying.

  mooly 12:23 15 Feb 2011

I know from first hand experience with my DX4050 that "cheap" cartridges cause problems.

Jettecs are the only ones I will use now, although all supermarket "own brands" for Epson that I have seen are in fact Jettecs too.

Something comes to mind on Epson cleaning cycles... use the print check utility, then the cleaning cycle. Then use the check utility again and if needed clean again. Do not power off etc as the second cleaning cycle is more aggresive then the first. Can't remember where I read it though...

  mooly 12:29 15 Feb 2011

The "cartridge not recognised" is one of the problems I had with so called compatibles.

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