problem with an email address

  palinka 15:11 07 Jun 2008

A friend has recently set up her email so it appears to come from the place where she works instead of her home email as she often works from home on her own computer. So instead of showing her real [Tiscali] address - [email protected] - the email now shows [email protected] , which is her work email address. Mail to and from her work email address is forwarded via her tiscali account.
It works fine - she’s sent me a test email apparently from work, but really from home.
A 2nd friend with exactly the same combination of addresses and workplace has done the same and that too works (test email to me, etc ).

But today BOTH of them have had mail that they sent TO the address, in reply to mail from there, bounce back as follows:
“The following message to [email protected]> was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'Unable to process message: - error: recipient: [email protected] failed, reason: Connected to ………… but sender was rejected. Remote host said: This system is configured to reject spoofed sender addresses' “

I wonder if this is a fluke? Or is it caused by the address they have each set up? Has anyone any experience of this? It happened to them both on the same day and they set up their new addresses only a day or two ago. But as far as I know they each just clicked Reply when they sent the messages that have bounced. These things always happen at weekends,don't they, so they can’t make further tests before Monday.

  johnnyrocker 15:30 07 Jun 2008

i suspect an issue maybe with IT guys at work, security using work address could be compromised?


  octal 15:34 07 Jun 2008

If they are at home it sounds like the ISP has blocked the outgoing messages thinking they are spam because the address has been blocked on the Tiscali smtp server. If they can send emails normally from their normal accounts at home then that will prove the point.

  Woolwell 17:28 07 Jun 2008

I take it that they are sending e-mail to someone else at The clue here to my mind is "This system is configured to reject spoofed sender addresses". The system at work seems to have been set up by the IT guys to reject addresses which should be internally generated but have in fact been generated externally.

  PalaeoBill 18:10 07 Jun 2008

I suspect it is the work e-mail servers rejecting mail that purports to come from work (i.e. from those very same e-mail servers) but has clearly not done so. We have this same issue with the University mail servers, I have to use the web mail servers when I am at home to send mail that needs to say it has come from University (e.g. to post on list servers etc.).
A compromise is to just use your local e-mail address from home but set the 'reply-to' address to be that of work.

  palinka 21:16 07 Jun 2008

thanks everyone; that all seems to fit; I'll pass this on and suggest they check with the IT people. PalaeoBill's experience seems particularly relevant - thanks for the compromise suggestion.

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