Problem with either eBay or Javascript?.

  spuds 12:55 01 Dec 2014

Over the weekend and today, I have had problems with the eBay UK website. Pages are very slow to load, usually with a " transferring data from www." message while the page is trying to load.

Checking on the eBay site and elsewhere, there doesn't seem to be a problem elsewhere.

I have noticed that in the corner of the page, after loading a single word message sometimes appears - "javascript:;", so I am beginning to think that javascript might be the problem.

Any advice on a possible solution would be appreciated. Could you also check if you are using eBay today, if you are having the same problem.

As always, and help or advice gladly appreciated and received.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 01 Dec 2014

Not had a problem with ebay this morning only this site thrown up a few internal error messages :0)

Have you got some sort of AD or script blocker running and what browser are you using? tried another browser?

  northumbria61 13:10 01 Dec 2014

Hi spuds - I can't see any problem with Ebay site. I am currently logged into it. If you have Javascript try Enable or Disable Javascript

  northumbria61 13:13 01 Dec 2014

Fruit Bat - I have had a few internal errors with this site this morning also.

  spuds 13:31 01 Dec 2014

Thanks guys for the fast response.

I use Firefox with eBay, and have done a reset, but the problem remains.

Using Google chrome, and still having slow page reloads.

There's very little on the eBay community page, and nothing about site problems.

I did do a bit of a computer clean-up over the weekend, but everything seems okay except for the eBay problem.Other websites are connecting fine. The PCA website, is doing its usual, with errors etc, so I have discounted that.

I have adblockers on all browsers, all worked okay in past, but must admit that I have just checked and noticed that the adblocker logo on Firefox is now missing. Perhaps the 'reset' as done that?.

I'll look into javascript links in a minute, and see what that suggests.

  spuds 13:43 01 Dec 2014

Something strange here.

I have used the link provided, done a print out from that page, followed the instruction for Firefox. Yet on the 'content' tab, and opening that, there doesn't appear to be any "Enable Javascript". Looked all through the other tabs with same results.

Forgot to add earlier that W7 Home is the operating system on the computer.

  lotvic 14:47 01 Dec 2014

FF took it off the menu with current version. You can use about:config ClickHere or have an add-on toggle button Click here

  spuds 16:48 01 Dec 2014

I have just installed Toggle JS successfully, used in both capacities of on/off. If I use it in off, then eBay message tells me that I have to use Javascript.

I have also found a number of comments about the removal of the enable/disable button from Firefox. Would appear that the question of "why" is being asked.

  spuds 11:38 02 Dec 2014

Whatever the problem was, today all seems fine on eBay loading, so it looks like another one of those mysteries.

With regards to Toggle JS, Avast seems to rate this one out of five star (with pop-ups), and suggest that I remove it from the computer. I'll leave it there for the time being, and see what happens, and whether the original mystery resurfaces.

Thanks again to everyone who offered advice, it was very much appreciated.

  lotvic 17:29 02 Dec 2014

I got same message from Avast about the toggle button, I chose to ignore and keep the toggle. Haven't had any problems so far.

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