Problem with DVI output: 'test' patterns from card

  Flying Pencil 11:41 13 Jan 2018


I'm being driven up the wall trying to drive my 27in monitor from the DVI port.

My old Nvidia GT8800 card was failing (due to the 'Bad Bubbles' problem), although this supported my dual-monitor set-up perfectly: 24-in (1920x1080) and 27-in (2540x1440).

So I decided to upgrade to an ASUS GT 1050. This worked fine, until the computer went to Hibernate mode and thereafter I just got a black screen. Rebooting and I got the same.

I then tried an ASUS 1030, but all I could get on DVI was successive cycling 'test' screens - red, green, blue, white, black, graduated grey-scale, colour bars, and so on. Seemingly, a deliberate test pattern deriving from the card.

Next card, an EVGA 1030, gave exactly the same results. I also tried booting with the monitor powered off, but after the display appears on the smaller monitor (HDMI) fine, the larger one remains in standby mode. The DVI is also fine driving the 24-in at 1920x1080.

Problem: The 27-in is a brilliant monitor (Monex) that's worked faultlessly for three years, but ONLY has a DVI input, making it impossible to test on HDMI. I also took it to the local computer shop and it was still working fine.

So, is the 1030 and 1050 cards providing a weaker signal than the original 8800? Would a shorter cable (currently about 1.5m) help?

Any help is MOST welcome! :)

Thanks for reading my blurb,


  Flying Pencil 12:15 13 Jan 2018

Small correction: the 27-in monitor is 2560x1440.

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