Problem with DVD-RWs

  [email protected]® 10:22 16 Mar 2005

I have some DVD-RWs that I have been using on both my comp DVD RW and my 'TV' DVD recorder. They will not allow me to record on them now from the TV saying 'unrecognisable data' although when I put them in my computer they appear to be empty!!?? Any ideas or throw them away!!

  Fellsider 10:25 16 Mar 2005

They probably need to be re-formatted, do you have InCD or similar?

  [email protected]® 10:27 16 Mar 2005

I have nero but it doesn't seem to do anything because they appear empty! Any freeware I could try?

  Chegs ® 10:37 16 Mar 2005

I bought 10 DVD RW's(5 + and 5 -)the DVD-RW's died within 6 months,although the data on them was still accessible,I couldn't add to or format them to reuse.The DVD+RW's are still going over 12 months later,with only occasional problems using them in the home DVD player(usually needing ejected and reinserted to get them going)

  [email protected]® 18:17 16 Mar 2005

Thanks chegs anyone with anymore ideas?

  Salinger 18:21 16 Mar 2005

I use only DVD+R I don't think the RW format is stable enough at this time.

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