Problem with dual monitor setup ( 60 & 144 Hz )

  Koffing 08:17 08 Jan 2017


I'm running a dual monitor set up with one monitor that is able to run up to 144Hz ( my main monitor on wich I play games ) and my second one which is only able to go up to 60Hz. When I play video games on my main monitor, I obviously want to play them on 144Hz, which works fine. But the problem is when I have a video running on my second monitor, for example YouTube or Twitch, it makes my games on my main monitor run at 60Hz.

So I was wondering if there was a way to watch YouTube videos for example on my second monitor @ 60Hz while playing video games on my main monitor and run those @ 144Hz at the same time.

Thanks in advance!

  Burn-it 16:55 08 Jan 2017

Two computers or a internet enabled tv.

  difarn 20:11 08 Jan 2017

Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in Flash Player and browser?

I don't know the make of your graphics card but this is an interesting article from Nvidia about the same problem that seems to be helped by turning the primary monitor resolution down to 120.

click here

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