problem with driver system file unable to install

  sunnystaines 14:10 06 Mar 2010

trying to update my Realtek PCI-E Ethernet Drivers
for Win7 32/64: version 7.012.0211.2010
Update Date 2010-02-26

from MSI WEBSITE click here

When i unzip the folder I get the following options
text file, security catalogue, setup info, system file, app exe, app,exe.

when click on system file it asks what program i want to use to run the file

previous drivers have auto installed and i am a bit lost anyone assist please [need step by step instructions]

  Graphicool1 15:22 06 Mar 2010
  sunnystaines 17:40 06 Mar 2010

thanks for the link i have emailed them.

had a look on the realtek site it is dreadful to navigate and find what you need.

I also posted to MSI forum but went unanswerd which was surprising as it is normally a very helpful forum.

  Sea Urchin 18:12 06 Mar 2010

I tried downloading the driver - but when unzipped I don't get the two .exe files but two .dll files. You would normally double click the setup.exe file to install a driver - have you tried running one or both of the .exe files? You can normally tell once it opens whether it appears to be installing the driver before you fully commit yourself. I would guess it is one of them.

Just as an experiment I tried downloading from here, but got the same result.

click here

  Batch 18:21 06 Mar 2010

Have you tried using the update driver function via Device Manager (or whatever the Win7 equiv is)? This should invoke the Hardware Update Wiz (or Win7 equiv.)

You should then point it at the folder where you have unzipped the new driver (where the .INF file is) and it should install OK.

  Batch 18:47 06 Mar 2010

BTW, the INF file contains the necessary information for Windows to install the driver. Each piece of hardware has a unique Vendor (Ven) and Device (Dev) identifier and an INF file (it's just a sort of text file which you can readily view in Notepad) contains a list of all the Ven/Dev combos that it is relevant to. Because of the matching of the Ven & Dev, you can't really install the wrong driver for a piece of kit that you haven't got (but you could install the wrong wrong version). If the Ven/Dev don't match the driver won't be installed.

The INF file also contains the necessary information relating to what files (e.g. SYS files that need to be installed and where they should be located).

The Hardware Update Wiz just takes it from there.

It maybe that sometimes a setup.exe does some additional work to install other ancilliary software, but often the setup.exe does nothing more than the method I've described above does.

Personally I try to avoid using the setup.exe, especially when I can see that the driver package is quite large (which suggests that additonal, probably unwanted, software will be installed as well).

  sunnystaines 19:39 06 Mar 2010

i get two dll files no exe files does that mean the available download is incomplete?

  sunnystaines 19:41 06 Mar 2010

tried that via device manager but windows 7 interups saying you have the latest driver.

  Batch 20:41 06 Mar 2010

Are you absolutely sure that you don't already have this version installed? RealTek drivers (and many others) can be provided as part of Windows Update.

Also I've downloaded and unzipped it. The files that are present seem a pretty normal set of driver files. The drivers themselves would not include any .EXEs. AFAIK, the .SYS file(s) are the actual drivers (i.e. the program logic that enables Windows to communicate with the hardware). So I don't see any obvious reason to think that the download is incomplete.

  sunnystaines 21:15 06 Mar 2010

thanks looks like i will have to sit back on this driver becomes available as a auto install rather than manual.

  Batch 09:32 07 Mar 2010

When you tried the Hardware Update Wiz, did you choose the option to install from a specific location? You'll need to answer the prompts so that you are able to enter the specific path of where you have unpacked the zip file to.

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