Problem with Drive letter.

  ribo 20:08 20 Jan 2010

I have recently ( today actually) ungraded to Window 7 from XP. I did an upgrade not a full instal.
The HDD where the O/S is on is now D Drive and not C.
When I attempt to change this is Disk management I get a "virtual Disk Manager" window which says " The parameter is incorrect"
I would like this to be my C drive if possible Can any one help please?
In Disk Managment the disk Satus is shown as " Healthy(Boot,Page file, crash dump Primaary partition)"

  Zeppelyn 20:16 20 Jan 2010

XP cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 so I can only assume you have indeed done a clean install, Win 7 being on D seems to confirm this.

Disk Management wont allow you to change the letter of your system drive for very good reasons, i.e. nothing would work.

How many partitions does Disk management report?

  GaT7 20:19 20 Jan 2010

You will have to start all over again & make sure the correct partition is selected for the Win7 install this time.

But before doing anything, make sure to do a thorough backup of your PC's data - i.e. when you were using it to run XP. G

  ribo 21:39 20 Jan 2010

I did a clean (custom) install( using Windows 7 ungrade disk) on a HDD that had XP installed. Everything works and as I had done an" Windows easy transfer" I transfered my setting etc (not my Programs) onto W 7 .
Disk management shows my 3 HDD's.
D my system drive.
X my internal backup drive
H my external Drive.

Does this help? J

  ribo 21:46 20 Jan 2010

Oh dear!!!. Do I really have to start all over again.
I would like my system drive to be C. But would it be alright to leave it as "D" ?
I did backup my Data as you suggested. I also installed "Windows Easy Transfer". After I installed W 7 I then went to the file, which was on my other HDD and installed all my setting
and Data (not my programs) It was brilliant.
Also I did not have to install my 2 printers or scanner. when I switched them on the drivers were installed by W 7. I am impressed (so far) Thanks J

  Zeppelyn 21:58 20 Jan 2010

Hmm Dont know why it did not install to C then, I have'nt installed Win 7 from an upgrade disk but would have thought it would have installed to C.

I would reinstall if you really want it to be on C, follow this guide click here

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