Problem with Digital card SD

  281apple 18:07 08 Jun 2010

It appears that I made some kind of an error in transferring photos from a Digital Photo Card SD/4GB. I can read the photos on the card when I am connected to my computer and I can even transfer them to my computer. The problem is that when the card is in the digital camera, it is impossible to view photos (or videos) that are on the card and I receive the following message (The memory does not contain any pictures); however in inserting the card into my computer, I can perfectly see all photos and/or videos that are saved onto the card.
I think I screwed something up the last time I transferred pictures from the card to my computer. Anyone know how can I correct this problem please?

  Audio~~Chip 21:50 08 Jun 2010

A Few suggestions, but I am no camera specialist.
Make sure you have another backup first of all pics and video clips on the card to CD or DVD then format the card.

If above doesn't work, try it in someone elses camera, if it works then this narrows it to be your camera.

Try to Reset the settings for you camera if this exhist's ?

Or Look in your camera menu options for Card/Memory storage options for any setting incorrect.

Borrow someone elses SD Card any size with pics on to see if your camera can read the card.

Give the Slot where you card goes a good blow incase of any dust

Buy a new SD Card

Post the make and model of you camera.

Didn't think I could think of this many ideas myself.

  woodchip 23:16 08 Jun 2010

You need to remove the photos off the card then format the card in the Camera. It sounds like you removed the Photos and then put them back. Thats why it cannot see them. I had the same problem when trying to load photos on the card they could not be seen by camera but could be moved about and seen on the PC

  m800afc 08:11 09 Jun 2010

I agree with Woodchip. Save your pix to your computer and reformat the card in the camera. A lot of cameras have small proprietary variations on the basic format. I cannot use a card formatted on my computer in either my Canon or my Nikon.

  281apple 18:19 09 Jun 2010

Thanks Audio~~Chip, woodchim and m800AFC. I tried everything already that Audio~~chip suggested. I will give woodchip's and m800afc's suggestions a try tomorrow but m800afc's comment that he cannot use a card formated on his computer in either his Canon or his Nikon. I have a Canon cam recorder and a Nikon compact and you scared me. Some guy suggested I got to a Photo Shop and see a technician who might give a good suggestion. I'll try all this in two or three days when I get back home from holiday.

  Toneman 18:58 09 Jun 2010

Think it's well known advice never to alter photos on a camera card using a PC but always to do deletions, formatting etc in the camera...

  281apple 17:53 10 Jun 2010

I tried your suggestion and it worked almost like a charm. That is to say it works perfectly for the Nikon camera but if I try to use the same card on my Minolta it won't work. I suppose that it must be formatted for the Minolta and then it would work. Is this correct. Thanks guys, you saved me having to buy a new card. Really appreciate your help.

  woodchip 23:27 10 Jun 2010

format may be different on the cameras. I have Different cameras but all work with same SD cards Fuji s7000, Sony A200 and cheap cameras all use the same cards for me

  john bunyan 23:36 10 Jun 2010

I use a SD card in a Lumix, then transfer the photos to the PC via a card reader. Then I do adjustments - red eye removal etc. Then I put the modified photos on (usually another) SD card and take them to ASDA for printing. These modified pictures cannot be seen if the card is reloaded into the Lumix. In general I agree it is best to format in the camera, but in the case of my card above I had to format in the PC.

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