problem with dial up on new comp

  dijo 19:35 21 Mar 2008

Hi Guys, I bought a new computer (2nd hand) a couple of weeks ago, it was originaly bought in 2004 it has windows xp on it, I have tried to connect to the internet via dial up with bt (as my old computer is) I followed the bt set up manual connection and downloaded the software from bt, problem is it only stays connected for 2 - 4 minutes! I have tried the cable with my old computer, no problem there, cant think why it wont stay connected, any ideas?

  brundle 20:42 21 Mar 2008

Try creating a new connection to UK2 (0845) click here - if it still disconnects then it's something to do with the PC itself. Download Everest (click here) on another machine, run it on the problem machine - look for modem information, go to the manufacturer's site and see if there are any driver updates. If so, download the file on the working machine and install it on the problem machine. There is also a setting in Outlook Express which will drop the line entirely or drop the line and then try another connection under certain circumstances, both are covered in the final item here, it's about Internet Explorer but OE shares the connection settings. click here

Pass and username for UK2 is

  setecio 20:57 21 Mar 2008

It might have a dialler program or a trojan or a virus. Borrow/Buy an antivirus CD to scan with.

  dijo 10:35 22 Mar 2008

I will try your suggestions and get back to you

  dijo 15:29 22 Mar 2008

Well i have tried uk2 and it only last 5 minutes then dissconnects, also the connection speed is 115.2 I can't actually get any web page to load, do you think it is my computer that is the problem, and if so what is the problem? also since last night I keep getting a pop up when I start up windows that wont go away it says TrayApp and tells me to load the cd? I try to close it and it wont go away any ideas? I really could throw the computer out of the window and wish I had bought a new one, my husband was just penny pinching by buying a second hand one and I an ticked off about it!

  brundle 15:35 22 Mar 2008

TrayApp - Do you have any HP periperals? click here

There are some things to try. The computer may have a problem with the network stack, and dial up settings may be configured to disconnect after 5 minutes of inactivity - if the PC can't actually create a connection because of the former, it may be
dropping the line.

Try this; WinsockFix click here

Run it and reboot.

When you connect, regardless of whether any websites come up, go to Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt,

at the prompt type


press return, wait for results

then type


press return, wait for results.

You are interested in this line at the end of both operations

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

What do you see?

  Stuartli 15:39 22 Mar 2008

The connection speed is not 115.2 - it's showing the DTE figure (think that's the right way round).

If you go to Internet Explorer's Tools>Internet Options>Connections tab>highlight your ISP>Properties>Advanced button>Settings button, you can check that the two(?) connection options are not set to be disconnected after a certain period (I'm doing this from memory, so may not be quite the right route, but should be easy to spot).

The other one, briefly mentioned, is OE's Hang Up After Sending/Receiving panel (click on Details to be able to check/uncheck the feature).

  brundle 15:43 22 Mar 2008

Have your 98 CD handy if the fix asks for files, if you don't have a CD navigate to C:\windows\options\cabs in the file requester.

  Stuartli 15:45 22 Mar 2008

As you've mentioned UK2, there's an automated Windows setup routine in the drop down menu at:

click here

  woodchip 15:53 22 Mar 2008

Try setting Outlook Express to check for mail every 2 minutes

  woodchip 15:59 22 Mar 2008

All You need to setup a Dial-Up connection is ISP Number, Driver for Modem and User Name. Go to Control Panel if it is XP remove any connections then recreate a new connection

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