Problem detecting DVD writer

  Elmeteagain 21:31 25 Mar 2004

Hi, wonder if anyone can help with the following.

I have a Liteon 811S DVD writer installed in a 2 year old HP Pavilion desktop, running XP. The DVD is installed as a second (slave) drive, alongside the original CD writer. The DVD drive works perfectly (playing and recording), with one exception: the PCT never detects it at switchon (no drive letter, drawer mechanism doesn't operate), but if I restart or put the computer into standby and wake it up again hey presto! there's the drive, fully recognised in Windows and working fine.

This is more of a niggle than a real problem, as I don't use the DVD every day, but am curious to know if there might be a simple solution. There is a BIOS update available for my PC, from HP, but I hear that BIOS upgrades can be a bit risky for a relative novice so am reluctant to try that on the off chance. Any suggestions much appreciated.

  Indigo 1 22:19 25 Mar 2004

Go to Device Manager and see if it is recognised, you can also run the Troubleshooting Wizard from there, (it might help).

Yopu could also check for it with Aida32 click here

  Gongoozler 22:35 25 Mar 2004

Is the drive recognised in BIOS? If it isn't, then Windows has no chance of finding it. If it isn't recognised in BIOS, check that the drive is set to AUTO.

Regarding the BIOS upgrade, it is worth checking what the upgrade is said to be for, it may be nothing to do with recognising the drive.

The only risk in flashing BIOS is that if the power is interrupted during the process, you will be left with an unusable BIOS chip, and hence an unbootable motherboard and so so way of reflashing the chip. Other than that risk, as long as you download the correct flash utility and file, then BIOS flashing is no more difficult than installing software.

  Elmeteagain 22:39 25 Mar 2004

Thanks for the suggestion - yes, the writer is correctly recognised in Device Manager and "working properly", but only after a system restart or standby / resume. It just isn't picked up at all from a cold boot, for some reason. Have tried the Troubleshooting Wizard a couple of times but it didn't throw up any solutions.

  Elmeteagain 22:44 25 Mar 2004

Thanks Gongoozler, I'll check with HP what the BIOS update is for (their website isn't very specific on the subject, it just says it's the latest version of the BIOS). Grateful for the reassurance on BIOS upgrade if it does come to that. In terms of settings, I'm pretty sure the drive / channel is set to auto but will certainly double-check that.

  marilynbell 22:48 25 Mar 2004

I had a problem like this last week my DVD drive had disappeared from my computer although it was showing up in device manager as working ok. The drawer wouldn't open and the light was on continually. I decided to empty everything I had in my docs (put onto disc) later on I thought I'd try again and hey presto everything worked ok, it was obviously something I had in my docs that was stopping it operating. Another idea could be that it is a programme that is in your start up that is stopping it from working I installed a driver for a card reader which automatically started when I switched my PC on my CDRW didn't like it and stopped working, go to run tupe in msconfig click on start up and uncheck any programmes not needed to be running in the background hope it helps

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