Problem deleting certain photo files

  Severn Bore 17:06 02 Jul 2008

I store my photos on external hard drives. When I delete certain photos from within Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and then try to empty the Recycle bin, I get a message saying the file cannot be deleted as it might be in use by another program. Each of these photo files seems to have acquired an extra file descriptor of Dq followed by a sequential number. The only way of deleting them from the recycle bin is to laboriously "unlock" each file using a program called "Unlocker Assistant). Although the program contains the ability to block unlock and delete files, this facility doesn ont work with these so-called Dq files.
Has anyone come across this issue and able to give advice please?

  Technotiger 17:12 02 Jul 2008

I believe you may have a Worm on board which causes double .ext's like Dq to be generated. I would advise you to run all your Anti-everything programs and then do a re-boot, or try a System Restore back to before this extra extension first appeared.

  Severn Bore 19:11 02 Jul 2008

Hi Technotiger.
This is extremely unlikely as in the past few days run thorough scans, etc to rid my PC of the Vundo virus. The problem I have described has existed for several months and continues since clearing my PC of all viruses, Trojans and Worms (according to Avast, Spy Bot and SuperAntiSpyware my system is clean)
It might be one of a number of quirks with Lightroom so I have also posted the problem there.
Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

  wiz-king 19:25 02 Jul 2008

Silly thought- did you have the external drives connected when you did the anti-everything scans?

  jack 19:53 02 Jul 2008

occurs because that is exactly what is happening.
You are trying to access images while the program is looking for them.

The best way to delete files is not in a program at all but from the root directory.
By default all images are stored in My Document/My pictures on the primary[C] drive. or in dedicated folders on your external drives.
On rare occasions some programs will store a copy and sometimes the original in a dedicated folder in the program folder located in C/Programs

Poke around it this way

  Severn Bore 20:45 02 Jul 2008

Hi wiz-king
Thanks for the thought, but the externals were all connected and were thoroughly scanned.
I know this happens, but sometimes programs "won't let go" of files they are no longer using. I suspect this is the problem. Lightroom is designed to delete from within the program so should not be retaining a link - but it is a buggy program so anything could happen. I suspect the issue is connected with the external drive, but cannot confirm it.

  Severn Bore 22:58 02 Jul 2008

Unfortunately neither suggestions provide a solution as Lightroom is closed when I try to delete from the bin (although perhaps I will try doing this with Lightroom open - you never know; PCs are funny things!). I have also checked that they are not read only and that was not an issue. Will let you know if the unexpected happens when deleting with Lightroom open.

  jack 10:32 03 Jul 2008

in trying to delete with an image program running.
Lightroom is an image management application.
Have no image managment or manipulation programs running
Do it all through Windows/desktop open folder in what ever location/right clip on selected image and delete.[ or drag hi light and mass delete.

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