Problem with current version of Malwarebytes

  sydsnott 15:58 25 Oct 2014

Used Malwarebytes yesterday and it offered a new version...I now find that it is checking for updates every hour I can't find a way to stop this annoying behaviour which "elbows" it's way to centre screen regardless of anything you may be doing at the time!

is there a solution, or must I uninstall it after every use?

Has there been a recent change, to using a yankee dictionary to warn of mis-spellings... something of a paradox methinks! ;)

Maybe I've just successfully ignored it until now? lol

  Clapton is God 16:10 25 Oct 2014

I also updated to the latest version yesterday.

Right at the end of the installation process there was an option, already ticked, to upgrade to a free 30-day trail of Malware Bytes Premium.

I unticked that option.

Did you perhaps leave it ticked and you're now in that 30-day trial period and Premium behaves differently to the Free version you were previously using?

  sydsnott 16:45 25 Oct 2014

Clapton is God, correct, I did fall into that trap...but I ended the trial immediately I noticed it!

Maybe I should once again update and this time untick the trial but out of interest, have you noticed this constant update seeking?

Have you looked to see if there is an option to disable/change it?

Mine has, but it's greyed out.

  john bunyan 17:09 25 Oct 2014

I have the Premium edition, updated yesterday (lifetime subscription for about £10) no noticeable annoyances. It updates daily and scans once or twice in the background.

  sydsnott 17:24 25 Oct 2014

Hi john bunyan, mine is "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware".

As explained above, I fell into the Premium trap, but ended that trial manually as soon as it began, so I'm not sure if what is left should now act this way!

I alread have Anti-virus protection, I just use MBAM and SAS when I feel I might have been compromised, so I don't want or need the Premium version.

This activity is so intrusive, I will have to abandon MBAM if I can't stop it.

  john bunyan 18:05 25 Oct 2014


I have free Avast but in web scan mode it interfered with iTunes find my phone. On a tip from Jock 1e, I bought a lifetime subscription to Malawarebytes pro - now Premium - at about £10. I works well and updates automatically with no fuss. I used to use the free version, and still do on a laptop. On this Desktop I have version I also occasionally use free SAS. As a suggestion, why not uninstall MBAM, the re- install being careful to ensure the free version? I would get it from Filehippo!! (No worry about extras)


  sydsnott 18:13 25 Oct 2014

That's an idea, I originally downloaded from MBAM direct, so I'll try Filehippo after I've uninstalled.

  john bunyan 18:49 25 Oct 2014

A couple of us found Filehippo "cleaner" than Malawarebytes direct. I found CNet tried to sneakily pretend it was direct, too.

  sydsnott 20:28 25 Oct 2014

Noted, thanks

  sydsnott 14:31 26 Oct 2014

Jock1e, ....where? :)

  sydsnott 14:52 26 Oct 2014

How do I post a screen shot of my machine without it being declared "spam"?

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