Problem creating/using digital signature with VBA

  Simsy 14:40 19 Aug 2003

Hi folks,

I wonder if anyone can advise on what to do here...

I am having trouble self certifying VBA projects in Excel. I appear to have a digital certificate, but when I try and apply it to a project I get an error message saying that, "there is a problem with the signature and it will be discarded." There is no clue as to what is wrong.

If I try and create another signature, (in case the first is somehow corrupted), by running "selfcert.exe", I get an error message that simply says, "Could not create a certificate", Again there is no indication as to what the problem is. (It make no difference whether I run this from Office CD, or the installed file in the "Office" folder)

By way of background information... I have a multiboot system, 3 different versions of Win98se. I recently had to replace the motherboard. Initially I went for a complete re-install, starting from scratch, but I had problems with this. Subsequently I restored a good "Drive Image" based on one of the working systems using the old mobo. This needed several reboots as Windows kept finding new hardware, but eventually all seems to be working as is very stable. The image used had/has a signature that I had previously created and used. I was wondering if the problem is that this signature somehow references the hardware used to create it... as the hardware is now different it isn't valid any more...

However, exactly the same signature, is being used on the "new" 2nd partition, based on the same Drive Image file, with no problems, which would seem to indicate that it isn?t a change of hardware that I responsible.

In summary, I can't sign a project with the existing signature, (Other than by rebooting into the 2nd OS and signing from there. Something I want to avoid for obvious reasons of hassle!), and I can't create a new signature!

I have completely uninstalled, and reinstalled Office.

Any suggestions as to what I can try are welcome.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 19:54 21 Aug 2003

I never did get to the bottom of what the problem was. I suspect something awry in the registry.

Anyway it was eventually resolved with a complete format and re-install. There were too many other problems appearing for me not to go this route!



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