Problem creating video DVD

  Jonathan314159 11:02 19 Feb 2003

I have converted an AVI file to MPEG2 using Pinnacle Studio 8. The converted DVD image file plays fine on the computer. However I've then tried burning it to DVD-R and DVD-RW using a Pioneer A104 and Nero (both updated to latest drivers and patches).

The DVDs will play, but I'm getting blocky pixellation ie most of the picture looks great, but there is random interference. It's worse on the DVD-RW. The interference is the same on a variety of DVD players.

The DVD recorder plays discs ok and burns CD-Rs ok. The discs aren't the greatest quality (Packard Bell DVD-R and Mirror DVD-RW), so I'll probably try some better branded product, but that route can get expensive.

Any other ideas gratefully received.

  MichelleC 11:42 19 Feb 2003

I had pixelation probs using pinnacle 7 on printing to tape. I think there are still probs with v8. When burning or ptt ensure only b/g progs on are syst tray and explorer.

  Jonathan314159 10:24 20 Feb 2003


Problem now solved by attacking from various angles - ie reinstalling Pinnacle software, defragging hard drive, re-rendering the MPEG and finally burning to DVD (using Pinnacle) with no prgrams running in the background (using EnditAll utility).

One or more of these did the trick!

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