Problem creating mailing labels

  Trikie 14:13 06 May 2010

My old computer had Works 2003 pre loaded with one disk supplied. I used this disk to put Works on the replacement PC and part way through it asked for disk 2.Not having this I presume I don't now have the full suite.

It set up the Database in Works but the WP in Word.

As I only use the word processor and database this is no problem although it's been a pain when Word opens a Works document and upsets some of the formatting

However when I try to print address labels Word does not recognise the Works database that holds the addresses. As there are over 400 I don't really want to have to re-type them and anyway I still only have a Works database.

Is there a way to get round this? Am I right in thinking that even if I buy a current Works suite the WP will still be Word?

New PC is XP with SP3.

  shellship 14:44 06 May 2010

If you really have Word - from the MS Office suite and not just the word processor in Works - then you can download many types of converters from the Microsoft website which will enable Word to read Works data. You will need to know which version of Works you have before choosing the converter.

  Sea Urchin 15:06 06 May 2010

Works 2003 was bundled with Word 2002 - but also still included the Works Word Processor. Try right-clicking on a Works document - then Open With and Choose Program. See if you can find MS Works on the list - select it and then check the box "Always use this program to open this kind of file". This should enable you to open doc files with MS Works in the future.

I would be surprised if it was contained on 2 disks - I know that more recent versions are only on one. However, as you are being asked for a second disk it seems there is one on your version.

  Trikie 22:33 06 May 2010

The titles on the CD are

Disc 1
Microsoft Works Suite 2001 setup
Microsoft Works 6.0
Microsoft Word 2001 SR-1

For distribution with a new PC only.

I'll try e-bay for a copy of Disc 2 but am not hopeful. Is there anything else that I can try?

  Sea Urchin 23:05 06 May 2010

You should have everything you need on that disk - the Microsoft Works 6.0 would contain the Works Word Processor.

  Trikie 20:41 07 May 2010

Although it's listed as works 6.0 the Tasks screen of the Task Launcher "Letters and Labels" only lists specific templates. The Programs screen has only Database and Spreadsheets which include Blank Document options in addition to templates..

I've deleted and reloaded the program but Word mail merge will still not recognise a Works database.

  Trikie 18:34 09 May 2010

The ideal solution is to be able to load Works word processor.

Having no joy with my existing discs I've looked at buying a new copy of Works but it seems that they all use Word for the WP.

Can anyone point me to the source of a Works WP installer?

  Woolwell 19:49 09 May 2010

Have you managed to get works database installed?
If you have try creating a report of your contacts then save it as a csv file. Word should be able to recognise a csv file for mailings.

  Trikie 21:16 09 May 2010

Thanks Woolwell. Yes, I've got Works database OK, the problem is getting Word WP mail merge to recognise it.

I've created a report and saved it as a csv file but Word WP still doesn't recognise it (and as the csv file lost the formatting I don't think it would have worked anyway.)

Still pinning my hopes on finding a way to install Works WP and get back to the way of working on the last PC.

  Woolwell 21:42 09 May 2010

I'm getting slightly confused. What is you new OS and which version of Word are you using?

Works 6 is quite old.

  Trikie 20:37 10 May 2010

Earlier post listing the CD titles shows the dates as 2001.

Works 6.0 was on the PC I bought about 8 years ago and was transferred to a replacement 4 years ago.

Never had Word before but somehow it was loaded when I loaded the original Works 6.0 disc onto the new PC.

XP on all 3 PCs.

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