Problem copyiny old Hard drive to new pc.

  Tiptoetony 13:38 23 Nov 2015

Hi. I have 3 old Hard drive's from previous computers that have pic's etc. on them and I want to put them on my new pc. I have purchased a Dynamode usb 2.0 to SATA/IDE Converter. I can here the drives spinning but they are not showing on my new pc. It's meant to be plug n play, but once plugged, it ain't playing. I have looked in Disk Management which is showing my two installed drives C & D, but nothing else. Any suggestions please... Regards

  scotty 13:46 23 Nov 2015

I suspect the converter is not supplying enough power, especially if they are 3.5" drives. Is there an option to provide power from a separate source or to use two USB sockets to provide power?

  scotty 13:55 23 Nov 2015

Just looked up your converter and see it has an external power supply for 3.5" drives.

If you go into Disk Management do the disks show up?

  Tiptoetony 14:15 23 Nov 2015

Hi Scotty. Thanks for the reply. No, nothing is showing in disc management apart from my c & d drives that are onboard. The power supply has a green led showing it's working and I can hear the drive spinning.

  Tiptoetony 14:15 23 Nov 2015

And I have fat fingers and can't spell. lol

  scotty 15:05 23 Nov 2015

Do you have access to another computer to see if the disks are readable on it.

  Tiptoetony 15:07 23 Nov 2015

I have a laptop. I could plug it into there. That is also windows 10.

  Tiptoetony 15:23 23 Nov 2015

I have tried it in the laptop but that doesn't recognise it either.

  lotvic 21:56 23 Nov 2015

If it's this one click here the customer reviews seem to be a bit hit and miss.

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