Problem copying images from digital camera to PC

  Throbber 14:48 24 Oct 2004

Until recently, when I connected my digital camera to my PC, I got a helpful menu, one choice on which was to copy pictures to a folder on my computer, which was usually what I wanted to do.
Suddenly, this menu no longer appears. In fact no menu appears.
This happened just about the time I installed Roxio DVD Creator 7.
How can I get my menu back?


  rawprawn 15:01 24 Oct 2004

What make of camera may help you find a solution, and do you see the camera listed as a drive in My computer when it is connected.

  Throbber 15:08 24 Oct 2004

I use a Nikon Coolpix 3100. It does register as external device drive G when I plug it in, and I can still transfer images, but it's not nearly as convenient as the previous menu system.

  rawprawn 16:46 24 Oct 2004

Well, I don't think it will be a problem caused by Roxio. Have you tried reinstalling / repairing your camera software.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:50 24 Oct 2004

> Hello Fred, when I connect my digital camera to the computer nothing happens. A small window used to appear asking me what I wanted to do, and I would choose the option of transferring the pictures to a file on my computer.
> The same thing when I use a music CD: nothing happens. Do you think something has been deleted by mistake?
> I can still transfer the pictures and music by going into " My Computer" and right clicking on the drive, but I want the little window back.
> Hope you can help Fred. It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Anne

Sometimes, this is very easy to fix: Just open Windows Explorer and navigate to where you can see the drive letter or name of whatever device causes the problem--- CD burner, camera, USB drive, whatever. Right click on the device and select Properties. Select the "AutoPlay" tab, select "Prompt Me Each Time To Choose An Option." That's it!

Well, that's *often* it. But sometimes, especially if some other software has inserted itself into the mix, it takes a bit more to restore control of the autoplay device to Windows. This site lists many possible solutions: click here

  jack 16:51 24 Oct 2004

Remove and re-install the camera software seems to be a solution.
It has to be said the camera software is notoriously flaky, and the best way to transfer images is the old fashioned Winders way of Copy/Paste or to the clear the camera card Cut/paste to the appropriate location.
No extra software required.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:56 24 Oct 2004

you may need to restore autoplay to your "camera drive"

plug in camera

In my computer right click on G:
select properties and autoplay tab

in the box select pictures

then click the prompt me every time button and apply

  accord 20:06 24 Oct 2004

Why dont you use an external USB card reader. Much easier than using the cameras software and faster.

  Throbber 20:10 24 Oct 2004

Thanks, all. I have tried all the above, but without success. I may just have to get an external USB card reader. Pity, as it worked fine before.
Thanks anyway for all your help.

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